How do you clear a puppy’s lungs? Surprising Answer

Nursing Difficulties for Baby Newborn Puppies

For the first few months of life, puppies will considerably depend on mama dogs milk for necessary nutrients and vitamins for them to grow healthy and strong.

According to Pets WebMD, the normal birth weight for puppies depends greatly on what the breed of the pups is. Throughout the first few weeks of life, a healthy pup’s body weight will increase to up to two to three times. Newborn pups who don’t gain sufficient weight or lose significant weight during these specific weeks have lesser chances of survival.

Newborn Puppy Birth Emergencies

Here are ways on taking care of weak newborn pup to help them thrive and survive.

Though the majority of dog births progress without any problems, there are times that some pups will be having trouble breathing or wont be breathing at all. A newborn puppy breathing with their mouth open can be a sign that they are not getting enough air. A newborn puppy gasping for air will need immediate assistance. If you noticed a newborn pup gasping for air or struggling to breathe, use a suction bulb (breeders should have one on hand) to gently clear their noses and airways.

Your newborn puppy struggling to breathe will be able to bring air into their lungs. Stimulate them vigorously by rubbing them with your hands. If this does not help and and your puppy continues to have difficulty and even stops breathing, you may have to give your newborn puppy CPR. Compress your puppys chest with your fingers once per second, positioned right behind their front legs. You can also perform mouth to mouth resuscitation. Continue until breathing resumes or your vet is able to take over. Please take time to train yourself in performing neonatal CPR prior to puppies being born as it is easy to injure these little ones.

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  • Suction bulb syringe
  • Stethoscope (optional)
  • Hot water bottles, heating pads, heating lamps, and blankets
  • How to get Milk out of Puppy’s Lungs (Frenchies, Matt’s Kennels)

    Just when you thought your responsibility has ended when mama dog gave birth, I can tell you that this is just the beginning because now you have baby newborn puppies. Whether youre assisting mama dog or playing as a substitute parent, its always best to constantly check on your litter. Itll be a blessing to know theyre all healthy and growing well. But there are trying times and its always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency and know how to keep a weak newborn puppy alive.

    “If you notice a newborn pup gasping for breath, take the pup with its head down and just gently (but firmly) swing the pup up and down between your legs.”