How do you defrost a farmer’s dog? The Ultimate Guide

Is The Farmer’s Dog a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. This is legitimately a great dog food designed to work as a super-convenient subscription service. The way The Farmer’s Dog works is:

  • You go to their site.
  • You fill out a quick profile for your dog.
  • Their custom technology will calculate an awesome meal plan designed specifically for your dog’s needs. They take different things into consideration: age, weight, all sorts of factors — completely personalized.
  • And they cook and deliver it to you quickly. It’s cooked within days before shipping it, frozen only for transportation reasons. (Shipments are continental U.S.-only right now, unfortunately.)
  • First, There Was Heartache and Frustration

    The food came about as a result of health problems and setbacks that co-founder Brett Podolsky was experiencing with his beloved Rottweiler, Jada, who was suffering from horrible stomach problems.

    Brett tried what felt like every kibble on the market for Jada, but it just made her condition worse. So he finally went to a holistic vet, who suggested home cooking. And so he did, and her symptoms disappeared overnight.

    He would stop cooking and switch back to kibble, but poor Jada would just get sick again. Every time. It was frustrating for both of them. And this went on for months.

    “It broke my heart to know that my baby was essentially living with a stomach ache,” says Brett.

    One thing was clear, though: Jada was thriving when she ate real, freshly cooked food — not dry brown balls of processed kibble.

    Cooking meals for a pet every day is hard work, though. It’s not for everyone. I know it’s not for me. I would last maybe a week. How about you? Not to mention, if you feed an unbalanced diet, your pet will be worse off than they’d be on a cheap commercial pet food!

    Curious, Brett started doing more and more research.

    He wondered: “Is there a dog food brand out there that already exists that I can trust to feed my dog — that’s honest and really just doing what they say that they do?”

    And that honest, trustworthy brand he was looking for simply did not exist — yet.

    That’s when he decided to build it himself. And that’s where The Farmer’s Dog enters the picture…

  • More energy than ever
  • A shinier coat and brighter eyes
  • A stronger immune system and healthier digestion
  • A better chance at a longer life
  • This isn’t processed pet feed. It’s REAL pet food.

    How do you defrost a farmer’s dog?

    How do you defrost a farmer’s dog?

    Can you refreeze defrosted dog food?

    If the food has partially defrosted by the time you are ready to put it in the freezer, you can refreeze it safely as long as the food is still at 4c or below. If it has reached room temperature it will keep fresh in a fridge for 2-3 days or 4 days from frozen.

    The Farmer’s Dog: Step-By-Step Feeding Tips

    I’ve been tracking U.S. pet food recalls for the past 10 years, so pet food safety is my #1 concern.

    The Farmer’s Dog was founded by 2 dog dads who were fed up with seeing highly processed, low-quality food marketed as healthy. They decided to create a smarter, healthier alternative using real, fresh, human-grade ingredients to create recipes formulated specifically for dogs, and delivering directly to customers’ doors. It’s better for them and easier for you.

    I love that The Farmer’s Dog headquarters is located right here in Brooklyn, New York, where I live and work.

    Lucky for you — that means I’ve been able to tour everything in person, meet the staff (and their dogs), and get to know why so many people love The Farmer’s Dog.

    Keep reading below, because there is much more to discover! (Got cats? See my review of the awesome Smalls cat food.) Don’t laugh, but here I am rocking a hairnet during a pet food kitchen tour.