How do you dispose of a dead dog in Australia? Simple and Effective Tips

After Death Care For Your Pet

If it is your pet, you will need to arrange for a service to come and pick up your pet.

Depending on your choices for aftercare, you will call a pet cemetery or a pet cremation service.

There are several options now for pet owners in deciding how they want to honour their pet’s life in their death.

Some pet owners prefer a traditional backyard burial, but many areas do not allow it anymore. If you still wish to bury your pet, you may want to consider a pet cemetery. No matter where you live in the future, you can still visit your pet.

Others prefer cremating their pets and keeping them in their home in a small urn or perhaps spreading their ashes in a memorable place.

Whichever you prefer, contact that service to arrange for pickup of your deceased pet.

Companion animals are part of our families, but inevitably the time comes for us to say goodbye to them due to old age or disease.

Donated pets provide my students with a valuable understanding of how disease affects the body. Further, we report the autopsy findings back to the pets veterinarian. This information is crucial to vets who want to confirm diagnoses, and for giving grieving owners some closure.

Ultimately though, I would urge you to donate your pets body to science. The loss of a pet can be heartbreaking, but there are many ways to create a meaningful legacy from that loss which helps both pets and people.

In another case, two farm dogs scavenged some bones from a cow which had been euthanased on a farm months before. One dog died and the other was seriously ill for several days.

Cancer is the most common cause of death for pet dogs. Many popular breeds get the same cancer at high rates, providing ample valuable research material. These dog cancers are similar in appearance, behaviour, treatments and genetic causes to many human cancers.

Report a deceased animal on a major road

To report dead animals on or beside major roads (motorways and highways), contact Department of Transport and Main Roads on 13 19 40.

Proper disposal of deceased animals

If your family’s beloved pet dies suddenly at home, would you know what to do? If not, you’re not alone. People ask “what to do” on a regular basis. Here you will learn 8 things you’ll need to do, to properly handle the situation.

When we make the decision to bring a pet into our home, most of us do our homework. Topics of conversation and planning revolve around house breaking, cage training, socialization and overall behaviour. Unless you adopt a senior dog or one with a disability, rarely does the topic of pet death ever come up. For the next few minutes we’ll review the necessary actions that every pet parent or owner should know when their pet dies at home unexpectedly.