How do you get a friends dog to like you? Expert Advice

My dog used to like me and play with me but he has stopped and is somewhat cold and distant what could be the cause?

There could be a few reasons why your dog is behaving this way. Is he feeling unwell? Is he depressed about something? It could simply be that he is bored. Try to mix it up and challenge him a little. change the games, toys and see if that helps.

2 Let him do things he loves

Depending on the breed of dog you own chances are they will love a certain pass-time, for example, most Labradors love to swim, Spaniels love to find things and Terriers love to dig. Now while I’m not endorsing your Jack Russell digging up the flower beds, giving them the opportunity to what they enjoy the most is a great way of getting your pup to love you more.

Here are some tips you can try, play scent games if your pooch enjoys nose work, invest in a sandpit so your four-legged friend can dig to his heart’s content, Take your water-lover to the local river. These things will not only enrich your dog’s life they will make him adore you.

You will struggle to get a dog to love you the most if you are never around and they do not see you as their main carer. There are too many people who think they can get a dog and then farm them out to daycare or leave them alone for long periods.

Dogs are social creatures that crave companionship and although they may seem excited to see you upon your return being out all day or locking them outside alone will not create that special connection between you.

Involving your pet in every aspect of your life is how to make a dog like you again, even if you have been absent in the past, be there to provide the things they need and they will reward you with respect and love.

One of the biggest myths about dog behaviour is that you shouldn’t comfort them when they are frightened. Wrong! it does not, contrary to popular belief reinforce the behaviour. If an unfamiliar dog is unsure of thunder, fireworks, etc that is an emotional reaction, it is not a choice and comforting them will not reinforce fear. So, to make your worried dog love you, next Guy Fawkes night turn the music up and give your dog a cuddle.

How many times have you heard the words “I’ve had my new dog for a week and she doesn’t like me” or “My new puppy and I haven’t bonded yet” Yes for some dog, owner relationships there is an instant attraction but for most it takes time, space and effort to build trust especially if you have rescued or adopted a dog.

How do you get a friends dog to like you?

So how can you tell if your dog respects you? Dog’s respect is shown by their general happiness and relaxed demeanour within the home. They look to you for guidance, tolerate grooming and being checked for injuries. They will happily wait for food and walk behind you or at your side.

They won’t barge past the second you open the door or glare when you move them from sofa. Don’t expect miracles overnight try some of these tips and tricks on how to get a dog to love you and make your time together fun and you will soon be showered in trust, respect and unconditional love from your pooch.

Give him his own space

Being adopted, even by a wonderful person such as your lovely self, is one of the most stressful things a dog will ever go through. Before you can do any of the cool stuff you plan on doing with him, he must feel safe.

An easy way to do that is to give him a place of his own. Somewhere he can just relax by himself and process his new reality. Pick an area that’s out of the way, but where he can still see the activity of the house, like in a corner of the living room. Make the area comfortable and dog-proofed. A crate is the best option for most dogs, but you can also use a dog bed or an exercise-pen. Add blankets and chew toys. When he’s in his “room,” respect his space – don’t let your kids or other pets climb all over him.

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We usually think of how dogs protect us. We watch Lassie save Timmy from yet another mishap, we adopt that intimidating-looking shepherd mix to make potential burglers think twice, we go to military K9 demonstrations in the park and watch the badass Belgian Malinois take down the “criminal” in the puffy suit.

With all this, we sometimes forget that our dogs need our protection more than we need theirs – unless we want them using their teeth on friends and family members, which, as that Belgian Malinois demonstrated, they are fully capable of.

You are your dog’s only advocate and defender. Stand up for her. As the owner of a shiny new dog, you’ll encounter many people who want to interact with your pooch. If Lola loves people, that’s fine. But if Lola is wary, it’s okay to tell people not to touch.

One of the best things I ever did for my fearful dog Jonas was learning to literally step in between him and whatever was frightening him, especially those oh-so-scary toddlers who wanted to grab his ears. Jonas always visibly relaxed when I did this. That simple gesture sends your dog a message loud and clear: “Don’t worry. I got this.”

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How to Make a Dog Like You in 10 Easy Steps