How do you get dog urine stains out of hardwood floors? A Comprehensive Guide

Step 2: Clean Your Floor Like You Regularly Would

Your next step is to clean your floor as you normally would, but be careful not to rub your floor. Instead, dab or blot the floor. This will help to soak up any additional peroxide.

Then, you can use a traditional mop and broom to clean everything fully.

Once cleaned, you will still have to ensure your dog doesn’t smell the urine smell and go to the bathroom again in the same spot. Dogs tend to urinate in the same places over and over again, so completely removing the smell is key.

A Vinegar Solution

Vinegar is a typical household ingredient that most of us have, and it is really helpful for cleaning. White vinegar has a very high acidity level that can help to neutralize the alkaline ammonia to eliminate urine odor. Vinegar will also kill all of the germs in bacteria that can cause you further issues.

To use a vinegar solution, use a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar to water. You can also purchase a vinegar solution, but it is likely much cheaper to make your own.

As you are spraying the solution on the floor, scrub the problem area. Then, rinse the floor immediately using clean water and then dry mop the floor. If you have a wet vacuum, you can use that to remove the moisture and dog urine.

If the vinegar solution’s smell is too much for you, you can add some essential oils into the solution to get a better smell. Grapefruit oil is one of your best options.

Vinegar and Grapefruit Oil

How do you get dog urine stains out of hardwood floors?

Tools Needed: Vinegar, grapefruit essential Oils, cleaning cloths, spray bottle

You can also use vinegar to clean black urine stains from your hardwood floors. Vinegar won’t neutralize acids as baking soda does, but it will make it easier to lift tough urine stains. A few drops of grapefruit essential oils in the spray bottle will help make your cleaner more effective because of grapefruit’s natural antiseptic properties. The smell of grapefruit or other citrus oils is also generally repellent to dogs and cats, making it less likely your pet will have a repeat accident.Pros

  • Antibacterial
  • Reduces the likelihood of repeat urinating
  • Cons

  • Slightly less accessible
  • Won’t get deep stains
  • Might not catch all odors
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