How do you get two dogs unstuck from each other? A Step-by-Step Guide

Never Forcefully Separate Tied Dogs

It can be easy to assume that separating your dogs as fast as possible is the best thing to do when they’re stuck together, whether you want to prevent pregnancy or because you’re worried about your dog being in pain. Regardless of the reasoning, physically separating your dogs by forcing them apart or startling them is never the right answer.

Not only can interfering cause more stress for the dogs, especially if they’ve never mated before, but you could also hurt them in the process, even if you don’t intend to.

Calm Anxious Nerves

If neither dog is familiar with the breeding process, gently patting the female on the head should help soothe her anxiety. You have to be careful to calm your concerns too. Dogs are notoriously good at picking up on our inner turmoil and won’t relax at all if they know that you’re panicking.

Stay calm and soothe your dog with a few ear scratches. This will help them relax enough to become unstuck.

Why Dogs Get Stuck After They Mate

Dogs get stuck together as the final step in their mating process. Its something that nearly all canines do, including wolves and foxes. During intercourse, a part of the male dogs penis called the bulbis glandis swells and prevents him from pulling out. Essentially, the pair are locked together until the swelling subsides.

“Unlike cats who are fertile every 21 days, dogs only come into heat twice a year. From an evolutionary perspective, the copulatory tie helps them make the most of every opportunity to produce offspring,” Marty Greer, DVM, author of Canine Reproduction and Neonatology and co-owner of Veterinary Village in Lomira, Wis., says. “It improves the likelihood that semen reaches the eggs by pushing it forward and acting as a plug to keep semen inside the female.”

How do you get two dogs unstuck?

Puppies are adorable whether they are purebred or complete mutts. However, like all baby mammals, puppies only come about as a result of sexual intercourse which results in a successful mating. Canines — including wolves, foxes, jackals, and dogs — are unique in how they mate since before the act is over, the two dogs get stuck together in whats known as a copulatory tie.