How do you keep a dog mentally stimulated at work? Surprising Answer

Can you have a dog working 9-5?

I cannot answer this question with a simple Yes or a No. So I’m going to break this question down into a few possibilities – If you’re working 9-5 and are planning to get a low energy, older dog that is comfortable staying alone for long hours and can effectively self-stimulate, then Yes, you can get a dog.

But, if you’re not going to be around for 8 hours and are planning to get a puppy or a high-energy, working breed, then No, it’s not a good idea to get one.

Puppies require hard work and constant supervision. They have tiny bladders and are very likely to get into trouble and ingest unwanted and dangerous things. Working dogs, just like you, need a job!

Music therapy, recordings, TV

Dogs hear and respond to music differently than their human counterparts. The right kind of music is known to stimulate a dog’s mind, soothe separation anxiety and mild forms of behavioral issues.

At times, even hearing your voice can reassure your dog when he’s home alone. Consider recording your voice and playing it in your absence for your pooch. TV channels like Animal Planet have sounds of birds, animals and humans playing the whole day. If your dog is a couch potato just like me or loves listening to animal voices like my cat, leave the TV on to keep your dog busy and entertained while at work.

14: Job For A Dog

If your dog knows the basic 5 training commands and is familiar with the names of some household objects, you can give your dog a job!

Why not take the time to train your dog to collect clothes from the floor and place next to the laundry basket? This mentally stimulating game can be extended to your dog collecting toys from the floor or even fetching you items from another room!

How do you keep a dog mentally stimulated at work?

How to Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work!

Just like people, dogs get bored with the same old everyday routine. Keeping them mentally challenged and constantly exposing them to new things is just as important as taking them for walks and exercising them. Bored dogs develop destructive behaviors and take their negative energy out on things like your furniture.

Here are some creative ways to stimulate your dog’s mind so they don’t get bored and misbehave.