How do you know if your dog misses you? Surprising Answer

They Ignore You or Don’t Pay Attention to You

It is also not uncommon for dogs to pretend like you dont exist when you are getting ready to leave. This is probably a coping mechanism. They might be busy licking their paws (not good!) or nervously chewing on a toy or doing something else a little bit obsessive and distracting. Some dogs are like this . . . and it can either be raising or breed dependent. Just because your dog isnt showing the obvious above signs doesnt mean they miss you. They may have gotten used to your routine and go and sit down in their bed when they know you are setting out for the day. While these good manners are impressive, they are still sad that you are gone!

They Escape or Run Away

Its always important that you keep your dog secure when you are gone especially if they are attached to you. Breeds like huskies and other athletic, determined dogs are known for escaping and running. This can mean that they jump a fence, bust through a screen window, break out of their crate, dig out of the yard, or break away on a leash when someone else is walking them.

This is very, very dangerous and often doesnt end well unless you live in a small, tight neighborhood. If you have a paid dog walker or dog sitter, make sure they know these traits about your dog and you provide secure housing and leashes for them to use, or else you might wind up looking for a lost dog.

They Freak Out When You Are Home

A strong indication that your dog lives for you is how excited they are when you return. This can either be from a days work or from a long trip. There are numerous videos online of dogs that have experienced joyous bouts of hyperactivity when their owners return either from the day or a long journey. They are extremely uplifting, so check them out.

Some dogs will jump on you (its good to discourage this), others will bark and twirl, and others will go sprinting through the house pulling their toys out, their bedding out, jumping up on the couch, and other hyper activities. This display of affection can be rather cute so long as you get it under control in the moments after.

Surefire Signs That Your Dog Misses You

We all miss our dogs when we need to leave them. Whether we’re taking a holiday, heading to work, or painting the town red, it’s never easy to farewell our pooches. However, do they feel the same way? Does their delicious dog food not taste quite as good when we’re not around? Sure, most pups will look heart-broken when we leave, and act like they’ve won an Oscar when we return. This is all well and good – but do they think about us when we’re not there with them? In fact, do they even perceive time as we do? Well, science has an answer, so to quote Jesse Pinkman, “Yeah, science!”

Read on to learn whether your dog misses you, and what you can do about it!