How do you know when your dog is lonely? A Comprehensive Guide

Your pet isn’t as playful as they once were

If your formerly-energetic pet now appears listless and lazy, loneliness may be to blame. Dr. Alcorn told INSIDER that one surprising sign of loneliness in household pets is a lack of interest in playtime. Lonely animals may often be so distressed or unhappy that they dont engage with their owners or other pets.

In some cases, pets may lack the social skills to be comfortable playing with other animals due to a lack of consistent company. Make sure your pet is getting frequent access to the company of other animals and make an effort to play with them consistently.

They seem more needy and clingy.

We know dogs are affectionate and needy, but if your dog seems to need attention constantly, following you around whenever you’re home, reacting when you’re stepping out, and becomes your shadow, they might just be feeling lonely. They’re seeking attention from you because they feel the lack of it, perhaps while you’re at work, or have been traveling, or you’re unable to make as much time as before.

Don’t Let a Wagging Tail Fool You

Your dog wont necessarily show their feelings, so it isnt easy to tell if its feeling lonely. The idea of your pet feeling alone may make you raise your eyebrows, but it happens. Youll want to know what signs to look for if your dog is lonely, and how you can offer them love and support.

A lonely dog at a park.

You might have your doubts if someone told you to take your dog out because it feels alone. Pets emote, sometimes in a big way.

Dogs are social creatures, and like humans, they need a community. They thrive on companionship and love the company of people and other pets.

Thats the reason youll notice your dog looking outside all the time. It enjoys looking out the window at birds and other dogs; it craves their company.

How To Know If Your Dog Is Lonely And What To Do If They Are