How do you open a dog’s mouth when brushing? Get Your Pet Thinking

When should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Like us, it is ideal to brush your dogs teeth at least twice daily. For many dogs, once brushing becomes a part of their daily routine they will begin to expect and enjoy it. Brushing three times a week is the minimum recommendation to help remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation.

It is best to teach your dog to accept tooth brushing while he is still a puppy. If you have an older dog, the training process may take a little longer, but it is still well worth the effort.

Step Three: Assume the Position

Make sure youre in a spot where your dog is comfortable. Dont stand above your dog, hold them down, or take a threatening stance. Instead, try kneeling or sitting in front of or to the side of them. Gauge your dogs anxiety level. If they seem upset, stop, and try again later. You may need to work on mastering each of the following steps over time.

How do you open a dog’s mouth when brushing?

What type of toothbrush should I use?

Commercial toothbrushes are available that are specifically designed for use in dogs. These include:

  • brushes with angled handles,
  • brushes with multiple heads (so that you can simultaneously brush the inside, outside, and top surfaces of the tooth),
  • small brushes that fit comfortably in your hand, and
  • finger toothbrushes (designed to fit over the tip of your finger).
  • For some dogs, it is acceptable to use a very soft toothbrush designed for use in human babies.

    The type of toothbrush you use depends a little on the size of your dog and a little on your own dexterity. Many pet owners find it easier to use a finger brush, especially when just beginning to brush their dogs teeth. Check with your veterinarian if you are uncertain of which brush to use.

    Regardless of the type of toothbrush you use, it is important to be gentle and go slowly as it is easy to accidentally poke the tip of the toothbrush against the gums and cause some irritation.

    Handling Exercise: Opening Your Dog’s Mouth

    We all know how beneficial brushing our dog’s teeth can be to their health; but getting your dog to allow you to brush their teeth—well, that’s another story. We’ve got a great step-by-step teeth brushing process that’ll have you brushing your pup’s teeth in no time!