How do you potty train a puppy with a bell? Find Out Here

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Are you ever confused about what your dog is trying to tell you? Teaching your dog or puppy to ring a bell to communicate that they need to go outside to potty is a simple way to streamline communication with them. Many dogs will naturally begin going to the door, in some cases also barking, when they need to go out. But introducing a bell or button can help your dog clearly tell you what they need and want. This skill is useful for dogs of all ages, and can be particularly helpful while potty training.

Why Bell Training Is So Great

Bell training is a reliable method that is easy for you and your puppy to understand. If you train your puppy just to stand at the door when she wants to go outside, you might miss her cue if youre busy or focused on something else. And of course, barking can be misinterpreted. Ringing a bell to go outside is a reliable means of communication.

The steps to train your puppy to use a bell are simple and straightforward.1 You need a bell and a delicious treat that really motivates your pup. There are two main types of bells: one on a ribbon that hangs from the doorknob, or one you attach to the wall. Of course, you should be ready to shower your dog with lots of praise and encouragement.

Hanging Dog Bells With Adjustable Strap

How do you potty train a puppy with a bell?

Hanging dog bells are so convenient because they can be hung from almost any door handle and adjusted to work well as your puppy grows. With multiple bells suspended from a sturdy strap, these potty training bells are durable, easy for puppies to learn to ring, and easy for you to hear… even if you’re in a different room.

Although wall-mounted housetraining bells might look cool, they aren’t very practical. This type of potty bell must be attached to a wall with screws and adjusted to the proper height. As your puppy grows and ages, you will need to remove and reposition the bell which damages your wall.

Potty Training: How to Train Your Dog to Ring a Bell to Be Let Outside!

Want to teach your dog to ring a bell to signal that they need to go outside? The training process is easier than you might think!

A potty bell is a clear and easy way for your dog to communicate with you that they need to eliminate. We need to first teach your dog how to ring the bell, then help them associate it with the door and specifically with relieving themselves outside.

Its worth mentioning that teaching your dog to ring a bell is not going to housetrain your dog.

The bell is a way for them to signal that they need to go. So for it to work, its important that your dog already understands they must only eliminate outdoors.