How do you put a harness on a dog’s front clip? Simple and Effective Tips

If your dog continues to pull, make sure that you don’t follow him and allow him to pull you. If you do so, you are basically telling him that by pulling, he can get what he wants. Stay grounded, turn around, and start walking the other way.

Attach the leash to the front D ring. The D ring can also be used to attach a dog tag if you wish. When you start walking with your dog, hold one section of the leash with the hand closer to your dog, and the end of the leash (where the loop is) with your other hand.

Another option is to use 2 leashes. This will give you more control when your dog pulls, so you can readjust your pups trajectory.

Before we start, it’s important to make sure the harness is adjusted correctly. The correct fit should be snug, but not too tight that it causes chafing. The harness should not be moving too much to one side or the other when you are walking. You can check out our quick start adjustment guide for our harness.

Please also note that the front ring attachment is designed to be used within a training setting and will only assist with no pull training. The harness alone will not stop your dog from pulling if no additional training is provided.

Front Lead Harnesses

Front lead harnesses have the D-ring on the dog’s chest. This type of lead attachment is more popular with professional trainers or pet owners teaching their dog lead discipline. Having the leash attached to the front of the harness also allows for a lot more control over the dog when it pulls while allowing easier directional steering.


  • Provides less control over poorly trained dogs that jump and pull when compared to front lead harnesses.
  • All Julius K9 Harnesses, including our hugely popular IDC® Powerharness range, have back-leash attachments.


    Choosing a harness that has the best lead attachment for your dog depends on your walking needs and how well trained your dog is on leash.

    Here at Julius K9 all of our leads have back leash attachment, but with our IDC® Control Y Belt With Front D-Ring attachment you can turn any of our IDC® Powerharness products into a Front leash or Duel-clip harness.