How do you raise a smart dog? Let’s Explore

Start With a Solid Foundation of Training

You may have taken your young pup to one or two obedience courses when you first got him. Did you stop training after those beginning classes? The old adage you can’t teach an old dog new tricks isn’t as accurate as you may think.

According to research from the University of Milan, the more you train a dog, the smarter they become. Researchers from the university’s psychology department conducted a study of 110 dogs. Half the dogs had minimal obedience training while the other half had much more schooling. The dogs were given a test to find hidden food. Even though their earlier training had nothing to do with hunting food, 60% of dogs with more training discovered the treats. Only 30% of the minimally trained dogs found them. Once you’ve taken your dog to obedience courses, you’re able to increase their intelligence with continued training.

Try these seven toys and games to make your dog smarter and less bored when you’re not home.

Sniff It Out

Time for a little nose work. The Sniff Diggy Mat is a great way to exercise your pup’s sensory and cognitive skills. Or try a modified version of the shell game. Start with one of your dog’s favorite treats. Once you’ve gotten her attention with the treat, show your pup three different cups. Hide the treat under one cup and switch the cups around until neither you nor the dog knows where the treat is hiding. Your dog probably doesn’t know this common “hustler” trick, so she’ll enjoy sniffing out the reward. Add some real incentive with these single ingredient beef liver treats – my dogs will do practically anything for them!

Track how long it takes for your dog to respond to simple commands

When you call for your dog, do they come instantly or need to be told a few times before they get up from the couch? The faster their reaction, the smarter they are considered to be.

How to make your pet dog Smarter and Intelligent?