How do you tell if your puppy is spoiled? A Step-by-Step Guide

Your dog has gained weight.

Showing your love by showering your dog with treats and sharing human food is one of the most dangerous ways to spoil your dog. 25-20% of the canine population is obese. According to veterinarians at VCA Animal Hospitals:

“Obesity shortens a dogs life and makes them more likely to develop disease. … a large, lifetime study of Labrador Retrievers has found that being even moderately overweight can reduce a dogs life expectancy by nearly two years compared to their leaner counterparts.”

Obesity is an epidemic. The best way to show your dog you love them is by setting them up for success, not stuffing them with treats or over-serving their dog food every time they look in your direction.

Dogs need structure. Obedience class isnt a one-and-done deal. You need to continue practicing good manners and commands throughout that dogs life. Dog training is a mentally stimulating and enjoyable activity for your dog. Pet parents need to be the pack leader and keep at it to improve and maintain their pets quality of life.

You Get Your Dog a Puppuccino Every Time You’re in the Car

One of the best decisions Starbucks ever made was adding the puppuccino, aka a cup filled with whipped cream, to their secret menu. Its become a popular snack for countless treat-loving dogs and their coffee-obsessed parents. Its not our fault we just happen to find ourselves in the Starbucks drive-thru line every time were out or on our way home from the dog park. Just keep in mind that treats should only make up around 10 percent of a dogs daily caloric intake, so it might be best to save this sweet treat for special occasions.

Safe and healthy ways to spoil your dog

Sharing a bed with your dog is nice, but a dog that is really spoiled will have options on where they can sleep. Getting your dog their own bed gives them a safe space all their own. That way, if you’re tossing and turning in your sleep, your dog can retire to their own bed so that their sleep isn’t disturbed.

How Do You Know If Your Dog is Spoiled? 8 Definite Signs

For all the love and joy your fur-babies bring, you want to repay them with the world…or at least a few extra treats and attention, right? If they are happy, youre happy. Truth is, though, the pet gadgets and toys upon toys may be spoiling our furry friends. You may be in denial; many of us paw-rents are, so weve compiled a list of signs to either prove or dispel the truth.

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling your pup or kitty — they deserve it — but if youre going to shower your rabbit, guinea pig, or whatever with gifts, at least save some money while youre at it. Ahead, 21 indicators you spoil your pet, plus 21 sale items to offset the costs (or use to buy more toys and treats).

No, your dog or kitty likes their water served straight from a spout. And if it isnt elevated above the ground, then that H20 isnt worth their time. Although this fountain works for both dogs and cats, this filtered water comes with a cat wand and protective mat too.

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Some dogs and cats are picky. Others have sensitive palates. Whichever the case, your pet would love a subscription-based food service that delivers right to their doggy door (or catio). Right now, get 50% off your first subscription and earn 1,200-12,500 Honey Gold (valued at $12-$125 in gift cards). See Honey Gold terms.

Even the VIP life can weigh on the most confident pups. When the neighborhood noise gets too overwhelming or the nail trims gets too much, let Fido calm down and luxuriate in a compression hoodie.

Wherever you go, they go. So, of course, you dont want to bring just any ol cat bed for your fur-baby to the hotel or Airbnb. You want to bring a decked-out cat tower they can climb and play in — and will easily pack up once youre ready to go.

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Dogs need exercise. A walk around the neighborhood is nice, and a run on the beach is fun. But true champions train with an agility kit.

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Kitty not only deserves, but demands, the best view in the home. They can spend hours perched up high, passing judgment on those below, or doing what they do best: sun-beaming.

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Small, long-haired dogs are so cute and precious that its impossible for any owner not to spoil them. These breeds need a lot of maintenance to keep their fur matte-free. Add groomer to your resume with this tool.

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Your cat finds your current cat shelf, well, underwhelming. Built-in planters will definitely wow them…or at the very least, appease them.

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Too many cuddles? Too much love? Going overboard when it comes to your dogs happiness? Not a thing. So a jumbo-sized inflatable ball your dog will love? Add to cart asap.

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What does a day in the life of your pet really entail…especially when youre not home? A smart camera — that also shoots out treats — will provide a sense of security for both you and Doggo.


Why put in all that energy into jumping on a bed or couch when he or she can gracefully stride up stairs?

Your picky pup wants treats that are delicious. The fact that it cleans the gumline too? Well, thats more for your benefit. We wont tell!

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Sure, a 15″ scratching post would suffice. But if its on sale, why not get more for your money?

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But just in case you need help capturing the perfect selfie, this attachment should get their attention.

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Cardboard boxes and plastic tunnels arent good enough for your guinea pigs and rabbits. They need time for themselves – and what better place for them than this perfect little palace.

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Most dogs like to run. The farther you throw; the more they run; the happier they are — it just makes sense.

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A regular bone off the dinner plate just wont do. Your furry friend enjoys ones that are both infused with flavor and provides a highly digestible source of calcium.