How do you tie out two dogs without getting tangled? Get Your Pet Thinking

Materials Used For A Multiple Dog Tie-Out

  • 2 100-foot dog tie-out cable & overhead dog trolley kits
  • 2 16-foot coil tie-out cable leashes
  • 2 heavy-duty open screw eye hooks (these were substituted for the ones in the kits)
  • Measuring tape – to measure the length of kit needed and distance up from the ground
  • Drill with drill bit – to pre-drill holes for open screw eye hooks
  • Wire cutters – to cut off any excess cable
  • Ladder – to reach mounting points for the open eye screw hooks
  • Wrench – to tighten wire clamp screws
  • Tags – to label the separate dog cables, if you have more than 1 dog
  • Existing trees or deck posts or frame of house – just be mindful of loose or rotting wood, since it will not provide a secure place to mount the trolley
  • Introduction: How to Install a Tangle-Free Tie Out System for Two Dogs

    How do you tie out two dogs without getting tangled?

    How do you tie out two dogs without getting tangled?

    Hi There- having two dogs and no way to build a fence, I needed to come up with a solution.

    Today the Double Dog Run is the only truly tangle-free dog tie out / pet tethering system that can hold not just one but two dogs and does not tangle. Below are some links to our individual products that can be purchased on our website.

    We sell two systems, one for small and medium dogs and another for large and XL breed dogs.

    You decide which is best and we will keep you pets tangled-free!

    Our U.S. Patented dog tie outs are the only truly tangle-free dog tie outs made specifically for two dogs of any breed and any size. Our two dog tie outs are so heavy-duty they can take on TWO XL breed dogs at a time! Our dog tie out systems are manufactured in the USA and also come with a 2-year Replacement Warranty!

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