How do you train a dog to use a silent whistle? Get Your Pet Thinking

Only Use the Whistle for Positive Things

If you whistle for your dog to come to you just so you can punish them for chewing on your shoes, your pup will quickly learn to head the other way when they hear the noise.

As a result, you should teach your dog that good things are waiting for them when they hear the whistle. If they come when you blow for them, reward them lavishly for it with treats or praise.

Never, ever punish your dog for responding to the whistle, or they’ll soon stop.

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  • Training With a Dog Whistle

  • When controlling a dog that is close by you can still use a whistle, but just blow more softly.[11] ⧼thumbs_response⧽ Helpful 2 Not Helpful 3
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    Advantages of Using a Whistle

    One of the biggest advantages of using a whistle is that it extends the range at which you can communicate with your dog. Your voice will carry only so far, even when shouting; a whistle, on the other hand, can be heard from a long way away. This is why many hunters prefer to use them.

    Whistles aren’t usually drowned out by ambient noise either. Your voice can get swallowed up by the wind or the murmur of a large crowd; a whistle will pierce through these noises without any trouble.

    Also, you can sabotage your training efforts with your tone of voice. It’s best to be as consistent as possible while training, but if you allow emotion to creep into your voice, it can confuse your pup. A whistle, on the other hand, will sound exactly the same every time.

    Whistles make unusual sounds as well, and that alerts dogs to the fact that you’re communicating with them. You may say words like “sit” and “stay” multiple times in regular conversation, so your dog will ignore those commands unless they know you’re talking to them. When you use a whistle, though, they’ll know for sure you want their attention.

    Finally, unlike clickers and similar training aids, whistles keep your hands free. You can then use your hands to give signs or dole out treats promptly, without having to shuffle items around. Also, a whistle will save your voice.

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