How long after applying Frontline Plus can I bathe my dog? Here’s the Answer

How long does it take for frontline to dry on dog?

Flea medicines like Frontline and Advantage usually take around 30 to 45 minutes to dry upon application.

How long after flea treatment can I bathe my dog?

It’s recommended that you avoid bathing your dog for at least three days after treatment. After three days, it’s fine to give your dog a bath in a non-medicated shampoo made for dogs or cats. Baths can be given as often as once per month without affecting the performance of the product.

Frontline Plus is one of the leading names in the flea and tick control industry, protecting countless pets all over the world from parasite infestation and potential ill-health. This externally applied spot-on type product is manufactured by Merial and is revolutionary in its approach to flea control Frontline Plus contains a two powerful chemicals S-methoprene and Fipronil. Together, these ingredients stop the flea life-cycle by killing adult and immature fleas, and flea eggs, as well as killing ticks. Frontline Plus is supplied in a single dosage pipette, containing an oily solution which is squirted directly on to your pets skin. Once applied, Frontline Plus is absorbed into the skin, where it settles into the oil glands. The ingredients of Frontline Plus are then slowly released to give your pet the perfect level of protection throughout an entire month.

It is important to note that, although your pet can be bathed after the 24 hour waiting period is up, the flea and tick control action Frontline Plus can be affected by using the wrong shampoo. Flea repellent shampoos must be avoided due to the insecticide content, which could have a bad reaction with the ingredients of Frontline Plus. Shampoo for humans and other soap-based detergents are also a poor choice, as they tend to be too harsh for pets, stripping away the natural oils where Frontline Plus is stored on the skin. Instead, you should choose a mild shampoo which is specially designed for pets and is soap free. This will gently cleanse your pets skin and coat without reducing the effect of the Frontline Plus treatment. Remember if you are at all unsure about choosing the right shampoo to use with Frontline Plus, please consult your pets veterinarian for advice.

One of the advantages of using Frontline Plus to provide your pet with flea and tick control is that it is water-fast. This means that your pet can be bathed, go out in the rain, play in puddles or do anything else involving water without reducing the efficacy of the Frontline Plus treatment. However, you do need to be aware of the Frontline Plus 48 Hour Rule dont bathe your pet in the 48 hours before or after treatment. If you want to bathe your pet before applying Frontline Plus, plan to do it 48 hours before treatment is due. This ensures that your pets coat and skin are thoroughly dry so that the flea and tick control treatment will have maximum effect. Then, simply remember to wait for 24 hours after using Frontline Plus before letting your pet get wet!

Should I bathe my dog before or after flea treatment?

Frontline Plus is a waterfast preparation, but it takes a little time for the medication to become trapped in the coat’s sebaceous glands. Therefore, you should not give your dog a bath for 48 hours after applying Frontline Plus.