How Long Does A Puppy Cry At Night

Is the joy of your new family member wearing thin because your puppy won’t stop crying and whining in his crate? His crate is supposed to be his happy place, and nothing is more frustrating than when it’s a torture chamber instead. The good news is, there’s a lot you can do to nip the crate whining in the bud so it doesn’t become a prolonged problem. These tips can help stop your puppy from crying in his crate so you’ll both sleep at night. Table Of Contents

Puppy crying at night how long does it last? If your puppy has spent the first week or so sleeping next to you, and has now been moved into their permanent night time quarters, you should find that any puppy crying at bedtime will be brief. We’re talking ten or fifteen minutes, for maybe a couple of nights.

Puppy Cries In Crate When I Leave The Room

Nearly all puppies will cry, bark, whine and howl the first night home, unfortunately. They will bark that first night or two in their crate, but after that it gets better.

If at all possible, I recommend bringing your puppy home on a Friday or Saturday or on a day when you don’t have to work the next few mornings.

The crying and howling is heartbreaking and stressful to listen to but unfortunately it’s totally normal. It’s rare for a puppy not to cry that first night home!

How Long Will A Puppy Cry At Night?

My 8-week-old weimaraner puppy Remy howled and cried almost non-stop for the entire first night home. I assume the poor guy missed his mom and siblings or just the familiarity and comfort of his original home.

He thought his little world was turned upside down, which I guess it was!

How Long Does A Puppy Cry At Night

As hard as it was, I ignored my puppy Remy the entire first night. I did not comfort him, though I wanted to, nor did I allow him in my bed. I did not scold him, and I did not let him out for a potty break, although some puppies will need a 2 a.m. potty break (more on this later).

My puppy was in his kennel from about 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Puppies can Hold it a Little Longer at Night While They aAre Sleeping

One rule of thumb I hear repeated online is a puppy can hold it a little longer than one hour per month of age. However, most puppies can hold it longer than that at night.

It’s better to stay up a bit later than you’d like and to get up a bit earlier than you would prefer just so you can limit the habit of going to your puppy in the middle of the night.

You want to teach him to sleep through the night as quickly as possible.

If you think your puppy needs a potty break in the middle of the night, do your best to go to the puppy when he’s quiet.

I recommend setting your alarm for 2:30 or 3. That way you are deciding this, not him. You probably won’t need to do this for more than the first two weeks or so, but every puppy is different.

How Long Does A Puppy Cry At Night

If your puppy seems to be howling literally nonstop, then try to at least wait for him to be quiet for 5 seconds. Take him directly outside (no playing, no attention) and then back in the crate.

He’ll probably cry again, so just be a “mean” dog mom or dad and ignore him.

You don’t want to start the habit of going to him every time he cries/howls. Puppies are little devils and they learn very quickly that barking will get them what they want (attention).

So do your best to ignore all crying and only go to your puppy when he’s quiet. Easier said than done, but it’s very important or you’ll create a monster!

So, how long do puppies cry at night? …


What do you do when your new puppy cries at night?

Five steps to stop your puppy crying at night
  1. Make your puppy’s bed a place it wants to be. …
  2. DON’T let them cry it out for more than a few minutes. …
  3. If the crying starts up again, go back — but not too quickly. …
  4. Let their bed be a safe space at any time of day.

Should you let a puppy cry it out?

You should never leave a puppy to cry when they are in need of the basics, or this can cause difficulties with training later. Your puppy may cry when they are left alone, perhaps if you’re elsewhere in the home or asleep.

Do I let my puppy cry at night?

Leaving a puppy to cry at night is likely to increase your puppy’s anxiety and may lead to other behaviour problems developing, such as separation-related problems.

Should I ignore my puppy crying at night in crate?

Ignoring the whining is your best option,” says Dr. Coates. “Any type of attention will just reinforce the behavior.” Campbell says that pet parents should avoid giving attention or taking a puppy out of the crate until he is quiet.