How long does it take for a dog to become pregnant after mating? A Step-by-Step Guide

What about medications that my dog takes?

Some commonly used medications should be avoided while your dog is pregnant. Contract your veterinarian to discuss the use of any supplements and medications.

What do I do after the sixth week?

After the sixth week of pregnancy, your dog should gradually increase her food intake; high energy, low fiber foods are recommended. As the fetuses increase in size, abdominal pressure increases and frequent small meals are advised. Diets containing high levels of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) have been shown to improve the health and development of puppies and should be considered. Discuss DHA-supplemented diets for your pregnant dog with your veterinarian.

During the last three weeks of pregnancy, your dogs food intake should increase by up to one and a half times the normal level, by feeding smaller meals more frequently.

What are the signs of dog pregnancy?

If your dog is pregnant, you may notice the following signs.

  • A slight mucus discharge may occur around one month after mating.
  • Her teats may become more prominent in colour and size around 30 days after mating, and you may also see them produce a semi-clear fluid.
  • Similar to our “morning sickness”, your dog may vomit a little in the early stages of pregnancy. If this continues, or you have any concerns, speak to your vet.
  • She will start to gain weight from around day 35 of her pregnancy, which will gradually increase by up to 50% above normal.
  • You should be able to notice her swollen tummy from around day 40, although first-time mums, and bitches carrying a small litter, may not show as much.
  • She may act a little quieter than usual, or her appetite might drop. These signs can also indicate a problem, so speak to your vet if you’re concerned.
  • Your pregnant dog’s appetite will increase in the second half of pregnancy, so be prepared to change her diet accordingly.
  • How to know if your dog is pregnant first week after mating