How long does it take for a dog to recover from parvovirus? A Comprehensive Guide

Spring and summer are the height of parvo season in California. If your puppy shows any symptoms of Parvo contact your vet immediately.

Parvo can be described as a disease of the stomach and small intestines. It is here where the virus starts destroying a dogs gut barrier by attacking healthy cells and blocking the absorption of essential nutrients.

In puppies Parvo also attacks the bone marrow and lymphopoietic tissues which are essential parts of your dogs immune system, then the virus will often impact the heart.

If your pup is diagnosed with Parvovirus it is essential that you take the steps to isolate them from other animals and always wash your hands thoroughly after being around your young dog.

Keep your puppy away from dogs that have not been fully vaccinated against Parvovirus. While socialization is essential for young dogs it is important to know that the dogs that your puppy spends time with are fully vaccinated and do not pose a health risk to your pup. Talk to your vet about the best ways you can protect your new four-legged family member.

Follow your vets advice and have your puppy vaccinated against Parvo, rabies, and other potentially serious conditions based on a puppy vaccination schedule for your area.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Will Survive Parvo?

Parvo can be fatal. When treated by a veterinarian, dogs survive 68 to 92 percent of the time, and most puppies who survive the first three to four days make a full recovery.

After receiving treatment within 24 to 72 hours of first exhibiting symptoms, your dog will have the best chance of full recovery. If your puppy starts showing Parvo symptoms before a complete set of vaccinations, take it to my clinic as soon as possible. The immune system in dogs this age is too weak to handle infections as strong as Parvo.

If you didn’t delay treatment or ignored the symptoms, thinking your pup will get better or mistaking the symptoms for just a tummy ache, then your dog’s chances of survival dramatically increase, especially with a prompt diagnosis and treatment.

How Do I Know If My Puppy Will Survive Parvo