How long does it take for pyoderma to heal in dogs? Here’s What to Do Next

What is pyoderma?

Pyoderma is defined as a bacterial skin infection. Pyoderma may also be referred to as impetigo, especially in young puppies.

How to Treat Pyoderma in Dogs and Puppies

Your dogs treatment plan for pyoderma will depend on the cause of their specific case. Usually, in otherwise healthy dogs, pyoderma resolves completely with the right course of antibiotics.

“A dog with a skin infection should see a veterinarian for appropriate diagnosis. Some dogs will need antibiotics, medications to help with itching, medicated shampoos and other topical treatments, flea preventatives, or other treatments,” Graham says. “Your vet may need to do testing, such as skin cultures or looking at skin samples under a microscope. If severe, your dog may need to see a veterinary dermatologist for allergy testing and additional treatment.”

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Though the variety of possible causes and treatments for pyoderma can feel overwhelming on your own, your vet will be able to work with you to decide the best course of action moving forward to get your dog looking and feeling their best again.

Holistic Treatment for Pyoderma In Dogs

Many dog owners are dedicated to giving their pups the most natural and holistic products available, and in general, this can help keep unnecessary or harmful chemicals away from your dog. However, there comes a point when holistic treatment options for medical conditions, like Pyoderma, not only can’t help but can make matters much worse. Some holistic treatment options suggested on the internet can actually make the infection more painful for your dog, and make the infection spread much faster. A popular home remedy for Pyoderma and many other skin conditions is coconut oil. Even though you may put coconut oil on your own skin, rashes or skin conditions, that does not make it a safe alternative for your dog if they could have Pyoderma. Oils like coconut oil create damp conditions which help yeast and bacteria thrive and spread more rapidly.

How long does it take for pyoderma to heal in dogs?

One of the biggest problems with trying to treat Pyoderma in dogs holistically or at home without the direct guidance of a vet, is while owners wait to see if holistic options work, the infection can rapidly get worse and harder to treat. While it is admirable to opt for natural products and holistic treatments for other conditions or problems in dogs, Pyoderma needs to be treated by a licensed veterinarian.

How to Treat Dog Pyoderma (Skin Infections) with Natural Remedies