How long will a dog play with a Kong? A Complete Guide

How long does a Kong occupy a dog?

First put a measure of your dog’s kibble into a bowl. Then carefully pour boiling water over the kibble. Put the bowl somewhere safe and inaccessible to pets or children and leave it to stand for 3-4 hours.

How do you keep a dog busy in a Kong?

Make sure your dog always has a KONG ready to go by following The Key is Three.

  • Play today: you know the drill—give your dog a stuffed KONG to keep them busy, happy, and relaxed.
  • Freeze for later: stuff a separate KONG and stick it in the freezer.
  • What to put in Kong toys

    There are many ways that you can stuff your dog’s Kong toy. Hard treats can be wedged inside of the Kong, requiring your dog to bounce or jostle it to dispense treats. You can also smear a soft treat on the inside surfaces of the Kong, allowing your dog to use his tongue to lick the treats clean. Use trial and error to see which type of treat your dog prefers.

    There are a number of treats specifically designed for use in Kong toys. These include both hard treats, such as KONG Ziggies, (opens in new tab)and soft or creamy treats, such as KONG Easy Treat (opens in new tab). You can also think outside the box, using other soft or crunchy treats that you may have at home.

    When it comes to soft treats for spreading, common options include:

  • Peanut butter (avoid sugar-free peanut butter, which may contain xylitol)
  • Yogurt
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Canned dog food
  • Cream cheese
  • Applesauce
  • You can even freeze liquid inside a Kong toy, as a special treat during the warm summer months. (You will want your dog to enjoy this treat outside, though, because it will be messy!) Seal the holes in each end of your dog’s Kong toy with peanut butter, then fill the center of the toy with chicken or beef broth. Place the toy in the freezer overnight to make your dog his very own pupsicle!

    Most DANGEROUS Dog Toy?! How you SHOULD NEVER use a kong, seriously!

    Kong toys have been around for a long time. They were created by a dog owner whose dog would not stop chewing on things around the house. The story goes, while working on a car one day, the dog was eating rocks and sticks and things that could cause him harm. As his owner was tossing out car parts in frustration, the dog ran over to a part made of rubber and started chewing on it. This particular car part was the inspiration for their first Kong dog toy. The founder of Kong created a durable rubber toy for dogs to play with to ease that need for chewing. A bonus that wasnt often found in other toys was the ability to hide food inside a toy so the dog could work, play, and be rewarded while the owners were busy doing other things. Kong toys bounce, hide treats, and are made of a durable rubber that will last for a long time.

    Some dogs look at Kongs and wonder what they are supposed to do with them. Other dogs have their owners shake the treats out of the Kong toys, making the Kong a toy for the owner and not for the dog. Training your dog to love and play with his Kong is really a matter of teaching him what it is and how valuable it will be for his day-to-day life. Making the commitment by hiding lots of goodies in it, especially at first, is one way to introduce the Kong into your dogs world. Puppies will especially enjoy the rubbery texture as they go through their baby teeth. Keeping your dog from chewing on everything you own can be helped by teaching your dog how to use a Kong. Kongs are toys, chores, entertainment, and rewards built into one, so make it fun for your dog, and he will want to play with his Kong all the time.

    To get started, you will need a Kong toy that is an appropriate size for your dog. Keep in mind if you have a larger breed dog who is growing, you may need to start with a small one when your dog is a puppy and grow into a larger size as your dog grows. You will also need some treats to put inside the Kong. If your dog is not eager to play with the Kong right off the bat with regular treats, you may want to have high-value treats such as yogurt, nut butter, and peanut butter on hand to scoop inside the Kong. Have some time set aside to help train your dog to play with his Kong so he understands what it is and how it can benefit him. Have patience and dont leave the Kong out all the time while he is learning to play with it, or it could become another lost toy with no interest.

    Kong makes several toys. If you are trying to get your dog to play with a Kong, it’s important to know the right size for your dog.

    Talk to your dog about his new Kong and how much he’s going to love it. Talk it up so he knows by your voice how interested you are in his new toy.

    Fill it with tasty treats, or even better, a spoonful of peanut butter to entice your dog.

    Fill it with kibble, treats, and a tad of peanut butter to make it more difficult to get the treats out.

    Fill the Kong with water and treats and then place it in the freezer. You can also use chicken broth to entice your dog even more than with water.

    The more excited you are when it’s time to play with the Kong, the more excited he will be.

    Kongs are fun toys that can be filled with delicious foods and treats. To keep your dog’s interest, start by filling it with something different. Yogurt, peanut butter, or nut butter can easily go into a Kong. If you want something with less mess, try a few nuts.

    Roll it around with your dog, let him sniff it, and talk with him about the treat inside. To keep the mess out of your home, this can be done outside.

    Once your dog is used to licking the higher value, soft and sticky foods out, put less in and replace with harder treats or kibble. You can mix these foods while your dog gets used to getting the kibble out with the soft foods like yogurt.

    Time your dog the first few times he’s interested in the Kong and begin to take it from him if he shows boredom with it. Over time, this could become a coveted toy if your dog plays with it void of food inside. If he does this, you can stop taking it away from him or choose to only give it to him with special foods.

    If you are taking it away during training while he’s still interested in it, when you offer it again, be sure to hype the Kong play time up with lots of verbal excitement. Let your dog watch you fill it with tasty treats before giving it to him.

    Some dogs love their Kong toys so much once they are used to using them, they eat entire meals through the Kong.

    Sit with your dog and play with the Kong. Try not to let him have it at first, but rather roll it around and let him watch the treats fall out as it rolls.

    Let your dog eat each treat as they fall out of the Kong. Be sure to get excited so he knows he’s doing something good and earning treats just by playing with you.

    Back up a bit and let your dog try to roll the Kong around the get the treats out.

    If he’s not successful at first, encourage him by assisting with the rolling of the Kong until a treat falls out. When you see a treat, encourage your dog to eat it and celebrate verbally so he knows he can eat it and he’s done well.

    Practice with your Kong a few times a day with small treats until your dog is excited to receive his Kong each time you give it to him. With lots of practice and play time, the Kong can entertain your dog during times you need him to be busy like when you are cooking dinner, for instance.