How many baby mamas does Pitbull have? Expert Advice

Daughter Destiny Perez With Barbara Alba

Destiny Perez is the daughter of Pitbull from his union with his ex-girlfriend, Barbara Alba. The former couple welcomed their daughter, Destiny Perez, on 15 August 2002.

The Cuban-American rapper Pitbull kept the birth of his little princess, Destiny, a secret for some period. However, his extreme love for his child did not let him keep it within himself and his baby mama, Barbara, for long. Some months after Destiny’s arrival, Pitbull inked his right forearm with her face, name, and birth date.

How many baby mamas does Pitbull have?

Although the extremely private Pitbull let his fans know about his daughter, Destiny’s birth, he has kept her out of the media reach. He never talks about Destiny or leaks any details about her on his social media pages. It seems like Pitbull does not want his little girl to be affected by unnecessary media dramas.

Nevertheless, as per the birth date of Pitbull’s daughter, Destiny Perez, she is eighteen years old in the present. So, she must have completed her high school and enrolled in some university near her residence. We hope Destiny will soon appear in the limelight so that her well-wishers get to see and know about her more deeply.

Bryce Perez is also the child of Pitbull with his former love, Barbara Alba. The estranged partner of Pitbull, Alba, delivered Pitbull’s son, Bryce Perez, on 5 March 2003, a year after the birth of Destiny Parez.

According to sources, Pitbull’s baby mama, Barbara, took the custody of both of their kids, Destiny, and Bryce after their separation. Currently, he is living a peaceful life far from the reach of media scrutiny. He seems focused on making a career on his own without any help from his father’s popularity.

Like Destiny, the overwhelmed dad of Bryce, Pitbull has a tattoo of Bryce’s face and name on his upper arm.

How many baby mamas does Pitbull have?

Though Pitbull’s son, Bryce, has not appeared in public events with his celebrity dad, his father’s fans speculate that he might have inherited his dad’s rap skills. Hopefully, we can see him soon on the stage touring along with his father.

The famous rapper loves all of his children and does not want them to have a hectic life just because he is a big celebrity. He wants them all to live a quiet normal life and has dedicated one tattoo each for them showing them all that his love for them is permanent as the inked tattoo on him.

Barbara Alba and Pitbull first met around 2001 and started dating. While having the time of their lives, the couple became pregnant after a year and then had another baby, again, after a year. They kept on being together with no sign of marriage or engagement whatsoever for a decade. In 2011, the news about Pitbull breaking up with his long term girlfriend was out. They continued being on good terms for the sake of their babies and still is.

You would think that Pitbull, who, in every music video of his funky, dancable songs have so many beautiful models around him, would have a very public life. But you thought wrong, Pitbull is in fact one of the most secretive celebrity when it comes to opening up about his private life, especially regarding the women in his life and his children. He has six children in total and some might be out in the open but not all are for the publics eyes.

When it comes to knowing the personal things about the On the floor rapper, it is very difficult. We know that he has six children and we know the two out of those six, and we do not know who the mother of the other four are too. The only public relationship Pitbull has is with Barbara Alba, who is also the baby mama of his two children.

Out of his six children, Pitbull has only made the two children public. His two children that we are aware of are: Destiny Perez and Bryce Perez. Both Destiny and Bryce were born to a same mother, Pitbulls long term girlfriend, Barbara Alba. Destiny Perez was born to the lovely couple on August 15, 2002 and Bryce were blessed to them on March 5, 2003. These two are publicized because their fathers relationship with their mother was also public.

Furthermore, Barbara Alba is the only known ex-girlfriend of the infamous Casanova. The rapper was in a romantic relationship with Barbara and had two kids with her.

Pitbull’s former girlfriend, Barbara, has taken the custody of her daughter, Destiny, and young son, Bryce. Moreover, Barbara receives a hefty sum of $3,000 monthly to cover child support for their daughter, Destiny, without any formal obligations. But as Pitbull’s fame grew, so did his ex-girlfriend’s demand.

Besides that, the famous rapper has six kids, including Destiny Pérez and Bryce Pérez. The identities of the other four children are unknown, just like their mothers.

Mr. Worldwide is living by his slogan “Single, bilingual and ready to mingle.” The famous Cuban-American rapper Pitbull has been with many girls, but the icon has mastered the art of keeping their identity a secret. However, the prominent rapper has six kids with no wife.

However, the only Pitbull’s relationship that the media is aware of is with Barbara Alba. Barbara is the mother of two of Pitbull’s six children. Pitbull is hesitant to share the names of the mothers of his other children. Regrettably, the dapper rapper is equally quiet when it comes to romance and dodges every relationship-related questions.

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Pitbull might be globally famous for his music, but his six kids fly under the radar despite their famous dad.

The artist known as Pitbull may not be the most recognized in certain genres of music… But Armando Christian Pérez dominates the Latin music scene, collaborating with artists of all stripes across “crunk,” hip-hop, reggaeton, and countless other unique genres.

Pitbull is known for his Spanish-language songs, in which he often raps, and his flashy music videos full of glamorous women dancing in various states of undress. To be quite frank, he has quite the reputation for loving the ladies, but in an odd twist, his love life often flies under the radar.

Anyway, despite his seeming dedication to philanthropy and raising up his fellow musicians, Pitbull gets around. Which, to be honest, is probably not uncommon in his industry. But because all of his other accomplishments overshadow that aspect of his life, few fans knew that Mr. 305 welcomed six kids with a handful of different women.

Hes not the only celeb to have more than three kids, but he is one of the few to keep their births hush-hush.

And though hes performed with plenty of gorgeous women — like Sofia Vergara — none have publicized a relationship with Pit. In fact, the mother of at least two of Pitbulls kids is someone whos not really famous.

Heavy reported that the mom of two of Pitbulls children, Barbara Alba, took him to court in 2011 over child support for their daughter Destiny. According to multiple other sources, Pitbull shares Destiny and a son named Bryce with Alba, and he has tattoos that feature their baby pictures and birthdates.

The two children were reportedly born in 2002 (Destiny) and 2003 (Bryce), and Pitbull has been photographed with their mom before. Sources say that Pitbull dated Alba for around a decade.

As for his other four children? The medias got nothing. Pitbull has successfully kept both their and their mothers identities under wraps. Fans can theorize that the total number of Pérezs baby mamas ranges between two and five.

And as for his other childrens ages, fans may also assume that Pits kids were born post-long-term relationship with Barbara. His two confirmed offspring are both adults or almost adults at this point, so it would make sense that the remaining kids are younger.

But with so much cash flowing from his creative pursuits (and his recent stake in a Nascar team), its obvious that Pitbull could help his family disappear into the lap of luxury with ease. And thats likely exactly what he did with all his children.