How many dogs is a good amount? Here’s What to Expect

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In the case of a pair or multiple dogs, size differences aren’t necessarily a problem. Older dogs may correct younger dogs by barking or snapping. Knowing when to stay off furniture or waiting their turn for a treat helps younger dogs learn to regulate their emotions.

Breeders often steer people away from getting more than one puppy at a time. This advice also applies to older dogs since it’s hard to bond with them individually.

Moreover, dogs have different grooming, training, and exercise needs. For a double-coated dog, “be prepared to comb or desensitize the dog to being handled,” says Fisher. “With multiple dogs, you can start training them separately and then see how they are together.” Going on separate walks can help with learning basic commands.

Since older dogs are less inclined to tolerate an unfamiliar dog, Fisher recommends holding off on a new companion until after your dog has passed. “When the first dog is moving towards the end of life, you owe them not to feel threatened in their home or overwhelmed,” says Fisher.

How Many Dogs Is Too Many?

The number of fur babies you should own is subjective. Some households are perfectly fine with 4 or 5 while other households can’t handle two.

Rescued Dogs or Breeder Dogs

Adopting a dog from a shelter vs. a breeder should be considered when creating a multiple dog household. Adopting from a shelter or rescue group means the dog may come to the home with behavior problems that need to be corrected with or without a professional dog trainer. Breeders usually start training as soon as possible, so puppies go to their new homes somewhat trained.

Again, it’s the level of care that needs to be considered when trying to figure out how many dogs is too many. is 4 too many dogs

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Do you have too many dogs? While it might seem that having a lot of dogs could be fun, there are also downsides to consider. Having too many dogs can have detrimental effects on both the dogs and their owners.