How many hours a day do pitbulls sleep? Surprising Answer

Reason 3: Your Pit Is Bored

You might notice that your dog is rarely trying to sleep when you’re offering it something more enjoyable to do. For instance, your Pitbull is probably always ready to play when you are.

On the other hand, when there’s nothing to keep your Pitty occupied, it will be more likely to sleep off the boring time. After all, your Pitbull probably spends quite a bit of time alone without much to do.

Teenage humans exhibit the same tendency, often sleeping whenever they don’t have anything more pressing to do, and just as often when they do!

It seems that Pitbulls have more in common with your kids than you might think! Although most teenagers aren’t nearly as affectionate as our lovely Pitties!

Reason 1: It’s Normal for Dogs to Sleep More Than Humans

Depending on your perspective, 14 hours of sleep either sounds incredible or awful. While many remember long nights spent sleeping as a teenager, few adults manage such expansive sleep bouts, averaging six to nine hours of sleep per night instead.

But your Pitbull buddy requires substantially more shuteye than you do, as do most domestic dogs. On average, adult dogs sleep for 12-14 hours every day.

Unlike your sleep, your Pit’s sleep isn’t all taking place at once. Rather, much of it occurs during the day, making it seem like your dog sleeps even more than it really does. You just don’t see when your dog is awake at night, but it’s not sleeping the entire time you are.

Why Does My Pitbull Puppy Sleep So Much?

This is very similar to the previous question, but the same applies.

Pitbull puppies and puppies of all dog breeds tend to sleep much more than a typical matured dog.

They are exhausted from separating from their family, adapting to a new environment and are quickly exhausted.

If your Pitbull puppy is often sleeping, do not worry about it, and it is entirely normal.

How Many Hours a Day Do Dogs Sleep? – Puppies, Adults & Seniors

Dogs, like humans, love a good snooze. They help you get properly rested and ready to face the day, and they’re no different than people when it comes to this. Her attempts to rouse Tank from his sleep were not in vain. When he finally opens his eyes, he immediately starts to shower her with adoration.

The dog is fast asleep and his owner tries to rouse him up by stroking his head and calling his name.

Tank’s first reaction, after waking from this deep sleep, is to look around dazed and perplexed for a brief second before recognizing that he was next to his devoted owner and beginning to give her morning kisses. What a sweet moment.