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Psychiatric Service Dog Training in NYC

Finding a training program that works for you is key. Look for trainers that specialize in service dog training with a one-on-one class available. This will help you work on your skills and ensure all your questions get answered. Service dog training is quite different from basic obedience, so keep that in mind. You’ll do an evaluation with your pet to assess their current level and see if they’ll make a good service dog. Then, the trainer will discuss your goals for your dog and begin mapping out a plan that ends with a trained service dog!

During training, your dog will be introduced to a wide range of new situations to make them more comfortable and have no fear out in the world. Such things could be introducing them to the vest, having them walk on different types of services, loud noises, large crowds, other dogs, etc. You decide what your dog needs to know and a trainer assists you in finding a way to teach that skill. In any quality programs, any issues or problems will be addressed during your course. Remember, you and your dog are a client here, reputable training organizations should make this as simple as possible for you.

Dogs must pass a series of tests in training to become a service dog, so mastering the skills you need is a must. Expose them to new situations and new people as part of their program so they can help serve you and are comfortable in their evaluation. It’s important they pass obviously, but also receive all the skills and training they need to make you a great team. Take them to a business so they’re used to behaving in stores and not causing damages. Get them used to wearing their vest, retrieving your phone, helping you walk around your home, etc. All of this will help in your evaluation and maintaining your way of life past the test.

Look for a quality service animal training program in New York, whether that be in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester or in the city, such as the Bronx, Brooklyn, etc. Find a service dog trainer you trust with experience in assistance animals, specifically dogs in your local area. Contact them once you have found a dog you feel comfortable moving forward with. It’s important to trust your trainer because they are the person who is going to help your dog help you.

It can be hard to find a service dog and a service dog trainer, but we’re here to offer our services and help.

Are you interested in getting a psychiatric service dog?

Here at CertaPet, we can help. CertaPet is an online telehealth platform that improves access to mental health care in the U.S. with a focus on providing services to individuals who are seeking animal assisted interventions as part of their treatment plan.

We are currently coordinating with dog trainers who specialize in the service animal space and who will soon work in tandem with our network of licensed mental health professionals to make the process of getting and training a psychiatric service dog affordable, convenient, and hassle-free. We’ll have more information available soon about our Psychiatric Service Dog Training options. In the meantime, you can take our FREE pre-screening below to see if you qualify for a PSD.

What are the main requirements for a service dog?

-An individual may have a service dog if they have a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability;

-A service dog must be trained to perform a specific task, directly related to the individual’s disability;

-A service dog must behave properly and be well-mannered;

-A service dog handler may be asked two questions about the service animal:

Is the dog a service dog because of a disability;

What tasks is the service dog trained to perform;

There are no requirements in regard to the identification of service dogs. However, they would be easier to recognize while in public, when they are wearing a vest or other identification accessories.

Some of you may ask if there are also age requirements for a dog to become a service dog.

What is the best age for a dog to become a service dog?

The optimal age for a dog to become a service dog is considered the age of 2. This is the “adolescence” age stage and it matches the age of a 12-14 years old person. Why is this age considered the most suitable one for a dog to be trained as a service dog?

Dogs have finished their physical growth development and they are not likely to expand the size they have become at that age. It is recommended that you wait for your dog to get 22 months old (sexually mature), in order to ensure that the growth plates on the bones have closed. This usually happens near the end of the puberty phase. Any harder tasks, especially mobile tasks, like pulling a wheelchair, could be required after this age period so that skeleton injuries can be prevented.

After a pup has obtained basic skills and managed to perform certain tasks, the public access training starts. The goal of this training is to verify the ability of your dog partner to successfully perform tasks in public. This may take from 6–9 months, however, many training program dogs are fully trained at about 2–3 years old.

In regard to the mental stage of development dogs at the age of 2 are deemed most suitable, as they are able to focus on certain tasks, but do not feel any pressure due to imposed responsibilities.

This adolescence phase is a perfect time, when your dog may have already obtained social and obedience skills. This is very helpful for the training process for a service dog as your fluffy friend has experienced different situations on a daily basis and knows how to learn from a human and how to perform tasks.

Service Dog Training: How Long Does Service Dog Training Take?