How Many Pomeranians Does Jeffree Star Have

If you know anything about famous beauty YouTuber and cosmetics entrepreneur, Jeffree Star, youre most likely aware of the fact that hes obsessed with his fur babies. Jeffrees a proud dog dad to several adorable pups, and to be completely honest, were jealous beyond belief.

So, how many dogs does Jeffree Star have? The answer is undeniably surprising, but fur-real: Jeffree is living his best dog-lovin life. Article continues below advertisement

Jeffree has a makeup collection named after him, Nathan, and the dogs.

In all seriousness, Jeffree, Nathan, and their fur family were #FamilyGoals before the breakup. The beauty icon released a limited edition line of cosmetics called the Star Family Collection. Its entirely based on Jeffree, Nathan, and four of the Poms: Diva, Diamond, Delicious, and Daddy.

And according to Beautylish, the collection boasts six Velour Liquid Lipsticks, as well as two new Velour Lip Scrubs and a Skin Frost. Too. Freaking. Cute. Article continues below advertisement

Jeffree Star’s Past Pomeranians:

Daddy – Daddy was a wolf sable Pomeranian that looked very similar to Dominatrix. Daddy passed away in October 2019. It broke Jeffree Star’s heart.

Diamond – Diamond was one of Jeffree Star’s first Pomeranians and his only all white Pomeranian. Jeffree Star announced that Diamond passed away in June 2019 at nine years of age. Diamond also has her own lipstick shade in The Star Family Collection.

What Type of Dogs Does Jeffree Star Have?

All six of Jeffree Star’s dogs are Pomeranians. Fun fact – Jeffree Star always said six (6) would be the maximum number of Pomeranians he would have at one time.


Is Jeffree Stars dog diva still alive?

Just in June, Star and Schwandt also lost their nine-year-old dog Diamond, with a special video dedicated to her loss. While the passing of these doggos are devastating for the couple, they thankfully still have four Pomeranian babies to care for: Drama, Da Vinci, Diva, and Delicious.

What happened to Daddy Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star’s dog, Diamond, just passed away. The pomeranian was 9 years old, and Jeffree says she dealt with health issues for a long time before her death.