How many times a day should you walk a dog? Find Out Here

How Good Is Walking as Exercise?

“A lot of people think of dog walks as an energy release or a way for their pet to let loose,” says Dr. Emily Wilson, DVM, a veterinarian at Fuzzy. “It doesn’t just have to be your dog sniffing bushes and relieving themselves. It can be really interactive.”

Some dogs, especially younger ones, seem to have boundless energy. Exercise, including long walks, can tire them out, leading to a calmer and quieter companion at home.

But what’s essential for dogs is consistency. According to Dr. Wilson, having a routine is “really comforting to the dog and helps them anticipate what the schedule is.” Dogs are better equipped to regulate their emotions when they know what to expect, so that means taking regular walks around the same time each day.

How many times a day should you walk a dog?

Activity level needs by dog breed groups

Every dog belongs to a particular dog breed group, each of which has specific activity needs and limitations. With Tractive GPS, you can see how active dogs like yours are, and get a healthy picture of how much exercise to aim for. Once you set your daily goal, it’s easy to stay on track. Competitive? The Tractive Leaderboards can provide extra motivation.

Just as important as the question of how much to walk your dog is how much sleep they get. After all, a day of activity needs a good night’s rest. Your Tractive GPS tracker lets you learn your dog’s sleep routines, see if they’re getting enough (quality) sleep and see if something’s up. For example, if they’re sleeping a lot more than usual, it could be a sign it’s time to talk to your vet.

How many times a day should you walk a dog?

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Like people, dogs need daily movement to feel their best. Dogs need exercise to maintain muscle tone as well as an appropriate weight for their age and breed. But walking your dog isn’t about physical activity alone. Walks provide mental stimulation, helping your dog build confidence and avoid potential behavioral issues like anxiety and aggression.

How Often Should You WALK YOUR DOG – Daily Exercise Tips

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Dogs need exercise every day to keep them healthy, happy and mentally stimulated. A simple walk can improve your furry friend’s social behavior and strengthen the bond that ties you together.

How long should you walk a dog? While breed, age and health conditions are big influencers in how much physical activity your pooch needs, size is also an important factor. A small dog will likely get more benefit out of a short stroll than a large canine. Read our dog walking guide below to learn how often and how long you should walk your pet, depending on its size.