How Many Times Can You Pet Lesser Dog

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Lesser Dog can be pet 55 times before petting it triggers no new messages. Like other dog enemies, the Stick can be used to instantly make Lesser Dog spareable.

How do you get past a greater dog?

To spare it, the protagonist must beckon/ignore, then pet, then play, and then pet twice. Like any other dog enemy, it can be spared by using the Stick. Ignoring four times bores Greater Dog and ends the fight.

Where can I fight lesser dog?

After you fight Doggo, the next random encounter you experience will always be Lesser Dog. It can be in any screen in Snowdin Forest, not just the switch room.

There is a problem with parsing the infoboxGreater Dog is a boss encountered in Snowdin. He enters a fight with Frisk and tries to bring their soul to Papyrus, the second in command of the Royal Guard.

How do you do the Undertale genocide route?

How to play a Genocide run in Undertale

  • The Ruins. You need to kill 20 monsters here before you fight Toriel; once you’ve reached your quota you’ll get a message saying “But nobody came” and you can then proceed to deal with her – she’ll die in a single hit. …
  • Snowdin. …
  • Waterfall. …
  • Hotland and The Core. …
  • New Home.
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    Can you fight lesser dog twice?

    If you pet Lesser Dog once, you can spare it. If you keep petting it, its head will keep rising, eventually surpassing the dialogue box and even the menu. Lesser Dog can be pet a whopping 54 times before it can be pet no more. Like other dog enemies, the Stick can be used to end the Lesser Dog battle instantly.

    How do you beat Glyde?

    To spare them, the protagonist must Roll Around in the snow to disguise their scent, making the Dogi think that they are just a lost puppy, make them Re-Sniff the protagonist and then Pet both of them, opening their minds to the idea that dogs can pet other dogs.