How much do K9 puppies cost? Expert Advice

How much does a German Shepherd cost?

Are you looking at adding a German Shepherd to your family and wonder how much you should budget for a puppy? This breed is not cheap – the quick answer is that you should plan to spend between $1,500-$3,000 for a German Shepherd from health-tested parents. While it is possible to find puppies without papers for much less (as little as $200 in some cases), these usually come from lines without health and temperament testing. It is much better to spend a bit more on the initial purchase price and get a well-mannered puppy with great genes!

Let’s look in detail why German Shepherds are expensive dogs, and what factors influence the price.

How much does it cost a month to own a German Shepherd?

You should budget at least $90-110 every month for your dog. This will cover the basics: high-quality food and regular vet checks. Some German Shepherd owners spend considerably more money. Professional grooming is necessary for many German Shepherd owners, as these dogs shed heavily. Depending on your location and the type of groomer you choose, a single visit can be as much as $120.

This breeds tends to exhibit several behavioral issues that can be difficult to fix for first-time dog owners, including:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Reactivity
  • High prey drive
  • Incessant barking
  • Leash pulling
  • Many German Shepherd owners end up taking weekly training lessons, either in a group class or in one-on-one private sessions with a trainer. You can plan to spend anywhere from $80 (for group classes) up to $500 (for private lessons) per month for the ongoing training.

    Some German Shepherds are quite destructive and require a lot of chew items and bones in order to not chew up their owners’ furniture. These new chews and toys can quickly become expensive – you might spend $30-100 per month on them.

    How much do K9 puppies cost?

    How Much Does a Dog Cost: Expenses for a New Dog or Puppy

    Basic costs, of course, are just that—basic, and even those can vary widely, as you can see in the chart below.

    Dog Cost Estimates
    Expense First Year Each Year Following
    Adoption Fee* Sponsored ($0)–350 N/A
    Food $120–500 $120–550
    Food/Water Bowls $10–50 N/A
    Treats and Chew Toys $50–300 $50–300
    Collar(s) $6–50 $0–50
    Leash(es) $10–50 $0–50
    Doggy Bed + Crate $25–250 $0–250
    Toys $10–200 $0–200
    Vaccines & Routine Care $100–350 $80–250
    Heartworm Tests $0–35 $0–35
    Heartworm Prevention $24–120 $36–132
    Flea/Tick Prevention $40–200 $40–200
    TOTAL $395–2,455 $326–1,967

    * Adoption fees typically cover a range of additional costs such as spaying/neutering and various veterinary tests. Find more details here.

    How much do police k9 dogs cost?

    Have you wanted to own a German Shepherd Dog for the longest time? At this point, I assume you are already very well familiar with the breed and are ready to learn everything about the price and expenses of owning one.

    As extremely loyal and intelligent working dogs, it’s no wonder that German Shepherds consistently make it to AKC’s list of popular breeds. This also makes them demanded by many dog lovers in the United States.

    To help you settle your budget for your GSD puppy, I collected all of the important facts about GSD’s prices and maintenance costs. Hopefully, you will find this article useful as your financial guide when buying your future dog.