How much does a dog actor cost? Get Your Pet Thinking

How can my dog become a model?

The traditional route to becoming a model is by going through an agency. You sometimes hear models or actors referring to their “agent,” right? Your pet can have one, too. Take Southern California’s Le Paws Agency, for example, which specifically finds dog-talent for TV and print ads.

How much do movie dog trainers make?

Dog trainer’s wages for jobs in the movie industry or working with show does in cities like Los Angeles also vary a lot depending on multiple variables, but the number usually starts around $60,000 per year and goes up.

The dog who played Toto was paid more than the Munchkins

One of the longest persisting rumors about “The Wizard of Oz” surrounds Toto — specifically, that the dog got paid more than Judy Garland. This rumor is false. Most sources indicate that Terry, the dog who played Toto, was paid $125 a week. Garlands salary is often listed as $500 per week, certainly more than Terry, but paltry when compared to the $3k Jack Haley (The Tin Man) and Ray Bolger (The Scarecrow) received each week.

Terry, however, was paid more per week than at least 124 actors in the movie — more specifically, the dog was paid more than the Munchkins.

“The Munchkins of Oz,” a 1996 book by “Oz” historian Stephen Cox, claims that the Munchkin actors each made $50 per week. Obituaries for Munchkin actors Karl Slover and Jerry Maren both repeat that $50 claim. That said, theres reason to believe the number was technically higher, if not by the time it reached their bank accounts: several sources (including a 1997 LA Times interview with Maren) indicate the Munchkins were paid $100 a week but their manager Leo Singer pocketed half of it. But whether you want to count that as $50 or $100, a dog still pulled a bigger paycheck than 124 human beings.

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