How much does it cost to have a dog in NYC? What to Know

In Massachusetts, the total yearly cost of owning a dog is about $2,703. In Vermont, it’s only $1,680.

When compared to the rest of the United States, the website found that New York has the most expensive vet visits. Here’s the breakdown of costs per year for owning a dog in the state:

Nationally, the average dog owner pays $1,750 per year for their furry friend. Pettable found the most expensive state to own a dog is Delaware at $2,864 and the least expensive is Idaho at $1,232.

To see the cost of dog ownership in every state, you can visit the Pettable website.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Pet ownership in some states can be very expensive. In New York, it costs about $2,305 per year to own a dog, according to Pettable.

Week 2 Total: $380 (Classes, $217; Food, $63; Walker, $100)

How much does it cost to have a dog in NYC?

The first week with a puppy was rough. Lady had crazy energy and, because she wasnt fully vaccinated, couldnt play at the park or be around other adult dogs.

I quickly enrolled her in classes at Petco, where she could be socialized with other puppies and learn to behave. The cost was $216 for 12 weeks which was extremely affordable compared to the $50-per-hour classes in my Williamsburg neighborhood.

Week 5 Total: $435 (Food, $55; Health insurance, $87; Merchandise and treats, $33; Vet for second vaccinations, $159; Walker, $100)

How much does it cost to have a dog in NYC?

Lady is a growing girl! Her food costs around $55 a month, which is shipped directly to my apartment so I can avoid lugging a 40-pound bag down the street.

Her treats were also surprisingly expensive. As an incredibly picky puppy, she exclusively loved Orijen Tundra Freeze-dried Dog Treats, which cost $20 for a small pack and smell strongly of mackerel (ugh).

Luckily, shes since expanded her appetite to include some less expensive treats, and her food overall is a predictable and steady cost.


Everyone knows New York City is an expensive place for a person to live, but it may surprise you to know that my puppy in Brooklyn cost me $1,000 a week — and thats not even that uncommon. Any dog lover will admit that once you love a puppy, theres no end to what youd do to keep them safe and happy.

The cost of owning a dog in Brooklyn shocked me, despite years of planning, saving, and making compromises to fit a dog into my busy lifestyle.

To prepare for getting a dog, I picked a pet-friendly apartment on a big park in Williamsburg. I enlisted the support of my boyfriend, family, and friends who lived nearby. I landed a good job at a nonprofit healthcare organization and carefully budgeted for the costs of a puppy.

Over the first few magical months with Lady, I knew I was spending a lot, but I didnt realize I had shelled out more than $10,000 in 10 weeks until I combed through my credit card statements.

After months of searching, submitting adoption applications, and doing tons of research on every possible dog available, I decided on a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I grew up with a dog of this breed — who passed away in December 2018 — and I love their floppy ears, playful energy, and sleek, powerful build.

I ended up purchasing the most adorable 8-week old pup, Lady, from the same breeder who sold my family my childhood dog.