How much does it cost to neuter a dog in Alberta? A Step-by-Step Guide

How much does PetSmart charge for neutering?

How much does PetSmart charge for neutering? How much does it cost to neuter a cat at PetSmart 2020? It usually costs $70 for a female cat and $60 for a male.

Getting a new dog (or puppy!) is an exciting time! No matter the age of your furriest new friend, many costs come with getting a dog. The financial commitment can be draining if you are not prepared. Realizing that you cannot afford ongoing care for your pet after getting a dog can lead to stress. There are many aspects of being a responsible pet owner. Financially providing for your pet is one.

Spay/neuter your pet: Spaying (for females) or neutering (for males) provides countless benefits for your animal, your community and your wallet. Spaying or neutering your pet will reduce the risk of many life-threatening diseases including types of cancer and diseases of the reproductive system. Pets that are spayed or neutered do not have the ability to reproduce and therefore you will never have the costs associated with providing food and medical care to a litter of animals. Other benefits include the reduction of unpleasant behavioral problems such as wandering, marking territory, and anxiousness. Finally, spaying or neutering your pet means that you will not be contributing to Alberta’s pet overpopulation problem.

Can’t afford to keep your pet?: If you find that the cost of caring for an animal is too much for your family and need to give your pet up, you are responsible for finding it a suitable home. Abandoning animals is against the law. If you can’t find a good home for your pet contact your local animal shelter or animal control.

Food costs: Having a sound nutritional diet is as crucial for your pet as it is for you. Choosing the right pet food can be challenging but doesn’t need to be expensive. When deciding on the right pet food consider the food cost per day not food cost per bag. Better quality food contains less filler and therefore your pet needs to eat less, which means you are not purchasing food as often. Talk to your veterinarian about a diet for your pets that suits their nutritional needs and your budget.

Regular checkups: As with people, it is ideal to diagnose an illness or disease early on before it develops into something more serious and painful for your animal and ultimately more costly. Speak with your veterinarian about a checkup schedule or any other questions you may have about maintaining a healthy pet.