How much does it cost to put a GPS chip in a dog? Here’s What to Do Next

How Much Does It Cost to Microchip a Dog Near Me?

Nationwide, the average cost to microchip a pet at your veterinarian is $45, but it may vary depending on where you live. The microchipping and registration procedure depend on the type of facility you choose and whether you need to register the chip online yourself or if it is done for you by the provider. The cost at AAHA-accredited Paoli Vetcare is $45, including completed registration by our staff, and you can book through our online scheduler right now.

What is a microchip for dogs?

A microchip is a small device (about the size of a grain of rice) that is inserted under a dog’s skin. The implant is not a GPS tracking device and they don’t show your pet’s location. However, each chip has a unique code linked to your contact info.

When scanned by a shelter or a veterinarian using a special reader, the microchip will provide more information that can be found on a standard dog collar — name, owner’s name, phone number, address, and so on. It’s important to register your pet’s information after they are microchipped so that they can be found on multiple databases. The vet office, shelter staff, or microchip company will then reach out using the information you have on file to return your lost pet.

Why is it important to chip dogs?

The American Humane Association estimates that one out of three pets becomes lost at some point in their lifetime and nearly ten million pets are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year. Statistics show that less than 25% of lost pets are reunited with their owners. More than 80% of lost pets are never found, and millions of animals that wind up in US shelters are euthanized.

Microchipping is one of the best things you can do to increase the chances of a safe reunion if your dog ever gets lost.

Can You Track Your Dog With A Microchip?

Microchipping your dog is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your lost dog gets home. Its a small device, often the size of a grain of rice, usually implanted between the shoulders .

If youre thinking about getting a microchip for your pet but arent sure how much it costs to microchip a dog or where to have it implanted, check out this guide! Well tell you everything you need to know about this procedure so that you can make an informed decision as pet owners.

Having your pet microchipped is a great way to have peace of mind if you are worried about if your pet was to ever get lost.