How much protein should a puppy eat a day? Find Out Here

Switching to Adult Dog Food Diets

When the puppy reaches his mature body size — for most breeds around his first birthday— it’s time to go on adult food. Larger breeds take longer to reach full body size, so switch at about 18 months. For giant breeds, such as Great Danes, consider keeping them on puppy food for two years. But these are only rules of thumb. Your veterinarian will know what’s best for your dog, particularly if a medical problem arises and dictates a special food.

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How Important Is Protein for Dogs?

Perhaps the most well-known function is the growth and maintenance of the body’s cells, allowing for the muscle to grow and for injuries to repair themselves.

Secondly, enzymes are proteins that cause chemical reactions to happen in the body – without dietary proteins, enzymes cannot function properly. Bodily functions that rely on enzymes include energy production, blood clotting, and muscle contraction.

Lastly, proteins are essential for transporting other nutrients around the body. For example, lipoproteins transport cholesterol and other fats through the blood, while hemoglobin, another protein, carries oxygen in the bloodstream. Protein can also have a storage role – ferritin, for example, stores iron. Overall, protein is absolutely essential for all dogs.

Research suggests that dogs are not carnivores, but are actually omnivores. Despite this, dogs still require a lot of protein in order to get enough amino acids.

How Much Protein Do Dogs Need