How Much Robitussin Can I Give My Dog

Roughly, 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds for dogs. Note: This is for Robitussin without Codeine. A cough can be indicative of a serious condition, so always call your veterinarian first.

For coughing: –Dextromethorphan (Robitussin DM with dextromethorphan at 10-15 mg/5ml and Guafenisin at 100mg/5ml), for cough. Roughly, 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds for dogs. Note: This is for Robitussin without Codeine.

Be Aware of Any Pre-Existing Conditions or Medications

While Robitussin may seem harmless to your animal, if they have a pre-existing condition or currently take prescription medication from your veterinarian, this over-the-counter medication may be off-limits.

Dogs with these considerations should not receive Robitussin in any form:

  • Ones with heart conditions or heart disease
  • Who have active pneumonia
  • Who are allergic to Dextromethorphan
  • Ones who currently take sedatives, tranquilizers, or barbiturates
  • If they had MAO inhibitors in the past two weeks
  • Pregnant or nursing animals
  • Puppies or dogs under five pounds (two kilograms)
  • Of course, this is not a complete list, and only your veterinarian can provide the best advice when it comes to administering an over-the-counter medication like Robitussin to your pet.

    Robitussin Dosage for Dogs

    Now that you know which type of Robitussin product is safe for your pet, you will now need to determine how much Robitussin for dogs is safe. No one wants to give their animal too much medication as it can cause immediate discomfort and issues.

    This helpful guide is not set in stone, and you should only follow it under the permission of your local veterinarian. Some animals may be more sensitive to over-the-counter medication than others, so lower dosages are always a better choice than giving them too much.

    A safe Dextromethorphan dose for dogs is generally 0.5 to 1mg per pound of body weight (1 to 1.5mg per kilogram of body weight), every 8 to 12 hours. Pet owners should not give puppies or dogs under five pounds (two kilograms) any dextromethorphan products and seek a vet’s advice.

    For example, if you asked how much Robitussin can I give my dog, who weighs 50 pounds, it would equal two to three teaspoons of liquid Robitussin DM every 8 to 12 hours. If you prefer tablet form, your 50-pound dog should receive a maximum of 45 to 50 mg at each interval.

    This helpful table can make it easier to determine the liquid and tablet dosage of Dextromethorphan for your pet. However, remember that these dosage amounts are only a guideline, and you should not use them as a standard dosing quantity.


    Robitussin (Dextromethorphan) is a cough medicine used as OTC for dry, non-productive coughing in dogs.

    There are many variants of the medication, but only the Robitussin DM is considered safe for dogs when offered the ideal dosage.

    However, the drug is not considered safe for all dogs.

    Therefore, some dogs should not take the Robitussin.

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    Can I give my dog Robitussin for kennel cough?

    If your dog is coughing up a storm, you may consider giving him a cough suppressant such as Robitussin. This medicine is only intended to be used for a short time period and should only be given under a veterinarian’s approval.

    Is Robitussin DM good for dogs?

    COUGH: For dry, non-productive coughing in dogs, Robitussin DM (Dextromethorphan)–(2mg/mL), can be given.

    Is Robitussin toxic to dogs?

    Maybe. Under specific circumstances, your vet may prescribe your dog a low dose of Robitussin (dextromethorphan) to treat coughing. Human cough medicines, however, often contain compounds that are toxic to dogs, like acetaminophen. Do not attempt to give your dog cough medicine without your vet’s guidance.

    How long does it take for Robitussin to work in dogs?

    It may be given with or without food; however, if your pet vomits when given this medication on an empty stomach, give future doses with food or a treat. Measure liquid forms of this medication carefully. This medication will take effect quickly, in about 1 to 2 hours, and improvement in clinical signs should follow.