How much should you pay for a dog UK? Here’s What to Do Next

Average puppy and dog vaccinations cost

The first round of jabs for your puppy will set you back about £100, but you will also need annual booster vaccinations, which cost about £50 a go.

If you want to avoid this initial cost, then many rescue shelters will have your puppy vaccinated before you’re allowed to take them home.

How much do microchipping, neutering and vaccinations cost?

Microchipping your dog is a legal requirement. The cost is around £15, with the microchip being inserted by your vet. The cost is often covered by the rescue centre or breeder before you take your dog home.

It’s not a legal requirement to microchip your cat, although it is recommended. ‘If not, there may be no way of tracing its owner if the pet gets lost. They may be rehomed, or face a life living as a stray,’ explains Jacqui Cuff at Cats Protection.

TIP: Increase the chance of your pet being found should it go missing by registering it. A full list of the 15 databases that meet government standards is available at GOV.UK. For an extra cost, there are services that actively put out an alert if your pet is lost. such as PETtrac and Identichip.

Costs for dogs vary according to sex and breed, with the Blue Cross putting it anywhere between £110 – £365. Cat neutering costs £40 – £100, according to Cats Protection. The RSPCA offers neutering for £5 if you’re financially struggling, and the Blue Cross offers free neutering to dogs belonging to people receiving benefits.

Puppies are typically immunised at eight -10 weeks, with second vaccinations and boosters to follow. Kittens should have their first vaccinations at nine weeks old, with boosters afterwards. Responsible breeders and all adoption centres will ensure your puppy or kitten has received its first set of vaccinations before you take it home. You are then responsible for paying for additional vaccinations, with booster injections costing roughly £35 for a dog**** and £44 for a cat.*****

How much does a  dog walker cost?

If you’re working, you might want someone to come in a walk your dog for you during the day.

There are a large number of companies and individuals offering this service and dog walking prices can vary depending on how long they take your dog for and how much exercise they need.

A rough average price would be £10 for an hours walk, but obviously you’ll be looking at more if you’re after a day-care service.

A pet passport for your dog is going to cost between £150 and £250, by the time you factor in the extra jabs required. But there are other things to consider.

First, you will need to have them treated for tapeworm before taking them back into the UK and this must be done no later than 24 hours before you travel.

Second, if you’re abroad, your pet insurance might not cover you.

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