How much Zyrtec can I give my 40lb dog? Essential Tips

Drug Interactions For Zyrtec In Dogs

There are a few potential drug interactions to be aware of when offering your pup Zyrtec for their itchy skin.

Some of the most common drug interaction to be aware of for Zyrtec include:

It’s not necessarily dangerous to take these medications together, but it can result in an increased likelihood of side effects.

If your pup takes any of the following medication, you should always speak to your vet before offering any antihistamines.

Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec?

Yes, you can give your dog Zyrtec. In fact, Zyrtec is one of the safest over-the-counter medications for dogs. It is an excellent first-aid choice and has wide safety margins – it is not likely to cause any issues even if given in large doses.

Zyrtec is the brand name for the antihistamine cetirizine hydrochloride. In veterinary medicine, Zyrtec is used off-label, meaning although safe, it is not FDA approved for use in pets. However, vets support the Zyrtec use in dogs because it is beneficial, inexpensive, and readily available.

Zyrtec is popularly known as an improved Benadryl version. This is because, unlike Benadryl, the active ingredient in Zyrtec (cetirizine) does not cause sedation and lethargy. This is due to the fact that cetirizine does not cross the blood-brain barrier.

What Does Zyrtec Do For Dogs?

The active ingredient in Zyrtec is an antihistamine called Cetirizine, which aims to control symptoms like itchy eyes, itchy skin, runny noses, and even hives.

Though Benadryl is a common competitor for this impressive medication, it is free of any residual drowsiness that often comes along with other products.

To help you better understand how this antihistamine can help your pup, let’s list the most common uses of Zyrtec in dogs below.

We should note that even though we are discussing the use of Zyrtec for your dog, you should never offer it to your pup without speaking to your vet first.

Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec and Benadryl? | DogVela

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Luckily, Zyrtec can be used in dogs. Plus, as a second-generation antihistamine, it does not cause drowsiness, and pets do not grow a tolerance to its active ingredient when used long-term.

Keep reading to learn more about Zyrtec for dogs and see whether cetirizine is a beneficial addition to your dog’s allergy management plan.