How often can dog have bully stick? What to Know

Oral Health Benefits of Bull Pizzles

One of the main benefits that attract pet parents to bully sticks are the oral health benefits. Bully sticks are pretty tough, and will give even strong chewing dogs a good 30 minutes of chewing time. Smaller dogs may even get a few hours or days out of a bully stick. All that chewing is great for teeth, due to the mechanical abrasion which helps remove tartar.

When should I take away my dog’s bully stick?

Even though bully sticks are digestible, your dog can become seriously hurt if they swallow a large chunk of the chew. Your dog can choke or suffer from a gastrointestinal emergency if they ingest a large piece or the entire chew.

You should take away your dog’s bully stick when it becomes small enough to be swallowed. Watching your dog closely can help prevent these types of accidents from happening. Be sure to inspect the chew after every play session to ensure that it’s still acceptable for your dog to play with. When in doubt, throw it out and get a new one. Also, make sure that you are purchasing the right-sized chew for your dog.

Wondering which bully stick size you should buy for your dog? Check out our size guide.

Best Bully Sticks provides high-quality, all-natural bully sticks, dog treats, and dog chews. Our bully sticks and other products come from livestock and are crafted into totally natural, protein-rich dog treats and chews. Unlike chemically treated rawhides that promote bacteria growth and can present a choking hazard, bully sticks are hygienic and durable.

Although bully sticks are natural, single-ingredient dog chews that are rawhide alternatives, pet owners should not give more than the recommended amount per day. So how many bully sticks is that? We recommend once a day. Treats should not make up more than 10% of total daily caloric intake. So adjust as necessary based on your dogs other treats and food.

Bully Sticks – Are Bully Sticks Safe For Dogs

New puppy owners quickly realize how much puppies love to chew. On everything! They gnaw the furniture, shred shoes and even chomp on your fingers and toes. Luckily they outgrow the compulsive chewing phase after a few months.

One way of dealing with the problem is to distract your pup by giving them something safe to chew. One popular dog chew treat you’ll find in every pet store is called a “bully stick” and most dogs love them.

A “bully stick” (a.k.a. beef pizzle) is a euphemistic name for a particular type of dog treat. In reality, a bully stick is dehydrated tissue harvested from the genitals of a slaughtered male cow.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with dogs eating dehydrated tissue from a cow. But the processing and storage of bully sticks is often less than ideal. And the chews are very tough, making them hazardous, especially for a puppy who is an aggressive chewer.