How often should I bathe my German Shepherd puppy? Expert Advice

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The German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is an all-around canine superstar, excelling in multiple roles ranging from police dog to family companion. It’s no wonder this is the second-most popular breed in America. But do you know how to keep your GSD well-groomed and looking their best? Read on for some step-by-step tips and pearls of wisdom from AKC Breeders of Merit.

Your German Shepherd Has a Skin Condition

You may need to bathe your dog regularly if they have a skin condition that requires treatment with a special shampoo. One antibiotic-controlled study found that bath therapy twice weekly with a chlorhexidine shampoo and spray was as effective as amoxicillin-clavulanic acid in treating dog pyoderma.

Which Shampoo To Use/Avoid For German Shepherds

There are many different shampoos on the market, but there’s only one type you should be using…

The best shampoo for a German shepherd, or in fact any dog, is a natural ingredient dog shampoo.

  • Even regular pet shampoo (which is widely promoted as “healthy”) contains a wide range of harsh chemicals, detergents, soap, alcohol, parabens, and other nasty stuff your GSD’s coat and skin really doesn’t need!
  • It’s these harsh ingredients that strip away too many of the natural oils found on the skin and coat… causing dry skin and other issues in no time at all.

    By sticking to natural-ingredient pet shampoo, you avoid ALL of the nasty chemicals and ingredients that are simply too strong for her skin and coat.

    Fortunately, there are many great options out there. Our recommendation is from 4Legger, Buddy’s Best, and Honeydew These are all awesome products, completely natural, and have amazing reviews.

    Regular pet shampoo Human shampoo (it’s too strong and acidic for dog skin) Dawn washing up liquid (can’t believe I need to say this but it’s actually a thing, and it’s terrible)

    Baby shampoo CAN be used but it should be your second option. If a natural ingredient dog shampoo isn’t available to you, baby shampoo will be ok.

    How Often Should you Bathe your German Shepherd? | German Shepherd Grooming |

    Knowing how often to bathe your German Shepherd can be the difference between a perfect coat and a dull, greasy, smelly coat!

    This article explains when to bathe your German shepherd, what to avoid, which shampoo to use, and much more…

    German shepherds should only be bathed ONCE every THREE to FOUR MONTHS. This is enough to keep them clean and healthy without removing their coat’s natural oils.