How Old Is Jungkook’S Dog Bam


With more episodes to come, ARMYs will become more familiar with Bam, and there is no doubt that he will feel like everyone’s dog by the end of the series!

It looks like the mystery dog’s identity has finally been revealed. On October 15, “In The SOOP” season two finally had its premiere, and alongside seeing how BTS would be enjoying their fancy new base, ARMYs finally got a proper introduction for this mysterious dog.

Yet, aside from the members’ stunning visuals, one thing that stood out on the poster was the adorable dog that was sat calmly next to the members. Although he seemed to blend in with the members, many were curious to know who he was.

In particular, Jimin seemed to have a special bond with the dog and was seen playing with him on more than several occasions.

Although fans might have been sad at the idea that BTS‘s much-loved series Run BTS! was going on a small break, the group treated ARMYs by announcing that there was going to be a series two of BTS In The SOOP! With a series of sneak peek trailers and an aesthetically pleasing poster, it was enough to keep fans fulfilled with BTS content.

Also known as Jeon Bam, the beloved pet is adored by fans for his incredible bond with Jungkook and his protective nature. Since then, he has always been praised for loyalty and protectiveness towards the singer. Additionally, Bam loves to hang around and run free with the other members of the group.

Known for their loving nature and kind-heartedness, each of the group members have a fondness for animals, especially dogs. Out of the seven members, Jungkook, V, SUGA, RM and J-Hope all have dogs.

Group member Jungkook’s dog Bam (also known as Bahm) recently trended on the video-focused platform TikTok, and the hashtag #jeonbam crossed over 100 million views on the social media platform, making him one of the most popular pets in the K-pop industry.

Global K-pop sensation BTS is known for its high-powered performances and unparalleled talent, along with each member’s charming visuals. However, one such being who has garnered a lot of attention is none other than Jungkook’s pet dog, Bam.

BTS maknae Jungkook’s brother Jeon Jung Hyun has shared the news of the family dog Gureum’s passing on Instagram. He informed that Gureum passed away at the end of 2021 and was part of the family for 21 years. He wrote, Gureum passed away around the end of last year. I was so proud of him for holding on till the end while sick to see mom and dad. The 20 years together with Gureum were happy. I’m leaving this post since there were many asking about his recent condition. Have a good night.


Where is Bam Jungkook’s dog?

Meanwhile, BTS’ Jungkook introduced fans to his two new family members, his pet dogs Song and Pangie, at the beginning of 2022. The two dogs are Italian greyhounds and love sleeping on Jungkook’s chest. The K-pop idol also had a white Maltese named Gureum. Unfortunately, the little pupper passed away in late 2021.

Who is BAM Jungkook?

BTS member Jungkook welcomed the new year 2022 by introducing to us his two pups, Songie and Paengie. He also shared puppy photos of his doberman Bam. BTS member Jungkook welcomed the new year 2022 by introducing to us his two new pups.