How old was the oldest vegan dog? Here’s What to Do Next

On that note—store-bought dog food is formulated to include all of the nutrients that dogs need to thrive.We’d advise that you speak to your vet if you’re interested in making your dog’s food at home as it’s important to ensure that it’s nutritionally balanced for all your dog’s needs.

But clearly, the vegan diet worked so well for Bramble that she went on to become one of the longest-living dogs in history.

Born in the UK in September 1975, Bramble lived to see the 21st century and passed in 2003.

Advocates of veganism point to Bramble when the argument is made that dogs can’t be vegan because they’re natural carnivores (which simply isn’t true, as you’ll see in a related article on vegan dog food here).

She’s said to have had a spot in theGuinness Book of World Records as the oldest living dogof her time.

First, how did you get started down this path of a 100% plant-based diet for Bramble?

We are sharing an interview of bramble’s mom, Anne Heritage, a dedicated, animal rights activist and vegan, taken by an American organization V-dog.

Are there any additional reasons, besides ethics and health, that you choose a vegan diet for yourself and your dogs?

Additionally, the only reason their dog is getting these amino acids is because the animal that they’re feeding to their dog (the cow, chicken, etc) ate plants. Most animals killed and used for meat-based dog food are fed antibiotics and medications throughout their life. This all ends up meat-based dog foods. Much of the meat in the dog food industry is deemed unfit for human consumption. They use the meat that is diseased and sitting around. These animals are also stressed before they are slaughtered, so the stress hormones end up in the flesh that your dog eats.

In feeding your dogs a vegan diet, what did you see as the main benefit?

Your Vegan Dog is HOW OLD?!