How soon can you potty train a puppy? Tips and Tricks



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Step 1: Build a Routine

Getting yourself and your puppy into a routine can make potty training a cinch. Eventually, your pup will pick up on the routine you design. They’ll learn what time you usually wake up and when you normally take breaks to let them out.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to go for more frequent potty breaks while your puppy is young since their bladder can’t handle waiting very long. As they age you’ll be able to go longer without needing to drop everything and take them for a walk.

Here’s a basic potty training schedule to guide your day and prompt you to prompt your puppy it’s time to go out:

As soon as you get up in the morning, take the puppy out of their crate and bring them outside to the designated spot. This will start both of your days off on the right paw.

Make sure you’re not hanging around, waiting for the coffee to brew, or getting completely ready for the day first. Throw on some shoes and head for the door as soon as you’re awake to help reduce the chances your puppy has an accident.

Remember, they’ve gone the whole night having to hold it. That’s a long time for a little puppy to wait.

Go to the same area every single time. Take the same path every single time. This familiarity and routine will help your puppy better understand it’s time to eliminate.

Take your puppy out after every meal. They definitely have something in their system they’ll need to eliminate. Waiting too long after a meal can turn into an accident which will undo all the work you’ve already done.

These after meal potty breaks should be at about the same time each day as your puppy should be on a regular eating schedule.

Aim to make after meal breaks 5 to 30 minutes after your puppy finishes eating.

Just like when you take your puppy out in the morning, you should take your puppy out when they wake up from naps. You’ll want to take them out as soon as they wake up to reduce the risk they have a sudden accident.

Your puppy may ‘forget’ they need to go while they’re playing. Jumping and running around may also cause them to need to go. Whether your puppy actually ends up needing to eliminate after playtime or not, it’s better to give them the opportunity to go.

When you have a tiny, furry canine to watch out for you’ll need to try and plan your outings around how long they can hold it. Always make sure you take your puppy out before leaving for an extended period of time.

If you’re not sure how long your pup can go without needing a potty break, adhere to the month-plus-one guidelines. This suggests your puppy can hold it for their age in months plus one hour. (Note: Some suggest an hour for every month of age rather than the month-plus-one rule.)[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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Age of Puppy Maximum Time Between Potty Breaks
2 Months 3 Hours
3 Months 4 Hours
4 Months 5 Hours
5 Months 6 Hours
6+ Months 6 – 8 Hours

Before you hit the hay, take you and the little pup out for another trip to the outdoor potty to prevent overnight accidents. This will help get your pet in the routine of having a final trip out each night.

How Do You House Train A Puppy In 7 Days?

QUESTION: How do you house train a puppy in 7 days?

ANSWER: Puppy Management. Monitor your puppy’s behavior 100% of the time and don’t allow her to have any accidents in the house. The fewer accidents your puppy has in the house the sooner she’ll learn to potty outside.

I’ve seen many books and blog posts claiming you can potty train a puppy in 7 days. While possible I think for most puppies it’s improbable.

First of all, most 8-10 week old puppies lack the bladder control to hold their potty. Sometimes they don’t even know they have to go until their actually going.

Second, most puppies we’ve raised take about 4-8 weeks (28-56 days) to catch on to potty training and we have experienced potty training service dog puppies for over 15 years.

Third, most people are potty training their first puppy or haven’t potty trained a puppy in many years so you’re bound to make mistakes. Like I said I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I still make tons of mistakes.

It would be difficult to potty train a puppy in 7 days, but not impossible. When we brought home Raven she was just over 1 year old and she was not potty trained.

We were able to potty train her in less than 7 days. However, she was older and could control her bladder, we had potty trained many puppies before her and understood how to potty train a puppy.

Finally, I think her previous caretaker may have started her training before she came to our home.

HOW TO: Potty Train Your Puppy FAST!! 10 week old puppy trained in 1 WEEK!!!

I sometimes think I write a blog about pee and poop. We get so many questions about potty training puppies it makes my head spin.

For 15 years have I trained service dog puppies. During that time I have potty trained well over a dozen puppies. I finally feel like I have a pretty good idea of approximately how long it takes to potty train a puppy.

One thing you should keep in mind is just like people, every puppy is different. Some learn quickly while others may take a while to learn simple concepts (like when and where to pee).