How To Befriend A Dog Botw

Everything you need to know to learn how to pet a dog and show mans best friend a little attention in Breath of the Wild.

There are dogs in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and they are adorable. Chances are youll spend most of the game wanting to pet them. It seemed for a while that we would forever be destined to be unable to pet dogs in Breath of the Wild. But hosanna there is a way! Petting doggos and puppers is entirely possible in Zelda, and were gonna show you how to do it.

To pet a dog in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, first you must find a dog. Not just any doglike or small creature will do, though, you need a 100% bona fide canine.

Once youve located a suitable dog, you may engage in petting it. To do so, unequip your melee weapon and walk up to it. Press the button you usually attack with, and Link will spaz out like hes looking for his sword. It may not look like Link is petting the dog, but looks can be deceiving. After Link spazzes for a bit, the dog will get the pink cloud of hearts around it as if youve done something it likes.

Although you dont get the satisfaction of seeing Link actually pat the dog, you can at least get the reaction you would from petting it. You can also feed your pupper friend and it will also make him happy. The dog likes meat, but he will eat fruit too.

Now that youve learned to pet dogs, youll never need to learn to stay warm since puppers keep you happy from the inside out. Check out our Breath of the Wild guide for more useful info.

Step 3) Wait for the Poof

After a few seconds of staring at the dog it should erupt in a shiny pink puffy cloud. This poof indicates that you have begun interacting with the dog and that you now have the dog’s attention.

Just like most real dogs, the fastest way to a dog’s heart in the Breath of the Wild is through its belly. Dogs in BOTW tend to prefer raw meat and apples. To feed a dog, simply drop an item from your inventory near the dog. The dog should begin to follow you as soon as you’ve fed it once — allowing you to play fetch with it by tossing a branch or even make it chase its own tail by running in a circle around the dog. To maximize your bond as quickly as possible, feed the dog 3 raw meats or 4 apples.

How to Bond with a Dog in Breath of the Wild

Dogs can be found randomly throughout the wilds of Hyrule, but they are most consistently found near people. Cities, towns, and especially stables are all great places to find dogs. Make sure that you’re working with an actual dog. The dogs in this game look like Border Collies. The dogs that look like Huskies and German Shepherds are not in fact dogs and are actually wolves. None of the following steps will work with wolves.

Orient Link so that he is face-to-face with the dog you wish to bond with. Some players have had luck just hanging around or even moving about near a dog. But we find we get the most consistent and reliable results simply by crouching in front of the dog and looking them in the face.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild: How to tame them and increase your bond with dogs

Just like how you can tame and ride wild horses in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can do much the same with dogs. Unfortunately, you cant pet them — a severe oversight on Nintendos part — but you can feed them and improve your bond with any dog you find.

Its simple to do: Just walk up to a dog, face it, and watch for a pink puff. This means youre beginning interaction with the animal. Youre going to want to give the dog food next, because giving a dog food is always a good idea, regardless of whether youre in a game or real life. The better quality of food, the better your bond will be.

To give the dog food, open your inventory, select food to “Hold,” and then drop the food on the ground for the dog to eat it. The dog must see you drop the food in front of him for you to benefit from this.

When youve successfully fed the dog, it will begin to follow you. You now have a companion in the field! You can run around in a circle a few times to see if the dog will chase its tail, which is mostly adorable and doesnt have much use. You can do other things with the dog too, like playing fetch. Grab a branch and throw it while you have the dogs attention, much like you do when feeding the dog. The dog should bring the branch back to you.

All of these interactions will eventually culminate in the dog leading you to treasure. The dog will guide you to chests buried underground that youll need to utilize your Magnesis rune to pull from underground. Typically youll be showered with rupees from these chests. Its a great reward for playing with puppies — in fact, getting paid to hang out with dogs may be one of the best Zelda design decisions yet. But unfortunately, you still cant pet the dogs. We know. Were upset too.


Can you get a dog in Legend of Zelda breath of the wild?

In Breath of the Wild you can bond with a dog just by spending time near it, running around with the dog, or by playing fetch with a branch. But just like in the real world, the surest and quickest way to bond with a dog is to reward it with a tasty treat.