How To Clean Dog Urine From Concrete Patio

There is nothing worse than trying to get rid of the foul urine smell from pets, dogs, and cats out of the concrete of your garage floor or basement. It seems like no matter how much you clean, the smell just won’t go away. We will cover the best methods for getting rid of pet urine odor in your concrete as well as how to seal the garage floor or basement to block any odors that may remain from concrete with particularly heavy urine issues.

Most concrete with pet urine odor needs to be treated in a two-stage process. Sometimes it may even require an additional stage depending on the type of urine odor remover or pet enzymatic product that is used.

In addition, it also helps to use a wet vac if you have one, particularly if you have a basement with urine odors and no drain available. The wet vac helps to draw bacteria out of the concrete during the cleaning process. Carpet cleaners can work in a pinch for vacuuming up liquids as well.

First, clean spots with a two-to-one vinegar and water mixture, TSP or hydrogen peroxide and rinse off concrete. Next, apply and scrub in enzymatic cleaner to remove odor. Then, cover cement and let area sit and soak overnight for 12-24 hours. Dry and deodorize residual room urine smells with an ozone generator.

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Steps for removing pet urine odors from concrete

  • Identify urine areas in concrete using a U.V. light or black light
  • Clean the affected areas with a proper cleaner to remove bacteria
  • Let the affected area dry throughout – not just the surface
  • Treat the affected areas with an enzymatic pet odor remover
  • Do not skip any steps or take shortcuts
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    How to identify urine odor stains in concrete

    In order to get the best results from an enzymatic pet urine cleaner, you must first identify the exact areas in the concrete affected by the urine.

    Many times the source of pet urine odor can easily be identified, such as an area where pets were kept in a pen. However, sometimes it may not be so easy to detect.

    This is often the case for people who have moved into a home that previously had pets, only to find that the garage floor reeks of a foul urine smell. Stains may have previously been cleaned thus hiding the source of the odor.

    One tool that does a good job at identifying pet urine is a U.V. light or black light. These here from Amazon do a good job.

    Close the doors and then turn on the black light. Hold it no more than three feet off the concrete as you scan the floor in sections. Old urine stains will stand out as blue, green, or yellow markings on the concrete.

    We like to encircle the far outside area with arrows pointing towards the urine stain. Chalk works well for this providing you don’t get it wet. Be sure to check the first two feet of your walls from the floor up as well. Sometimes pets will urinate on the walls which will require removing and replacing the affected section of drywall to get rid of the smell.

    If for some reason the U.V. light does not reveal any stains, the old standby that will work is your nose. This takes longer but it is effective. Open the doors to air out the garage and get rid of the immediate smell. After that, get down on your hands and knees and start sniffing. Trust us; you will know when you find it!


    How do you get dog urine out of a patio?

    Firstly, use water to wash dog urine away

    The first thing you should do if you notice dog urine smell outside or have seen your dog urinate on concrete or tiles is to use water to wash it off with a hose. This will get rid of excess urine and should eliminate a lot of the smell.

    Does dog pee hurt concrete?

    When urine lands on a concrete area, it bonds tightly to the concrete as it dries, penetrating deep within its pores. This can make odor removal particularly difficult. That terrible stench lingers long after the liquid has been absorbed, and can last months unless treated properly.

    Does concrete absorb dog urine?

    Pet urine odor and stains won’t go away with normal cleaning

    Doing so can save you some time and expense. Concrete is actually porous like a sponge. If liquid is allowed to sit for a period of time, it will absorb most anything.

    How do you remove urine stains from concrete patio?

    First, a dry enzyme powder is mixed fresh with water. This solution is poured onto the surface of the stain and allowed to sit for 8 hours. The second step is to pour the accompanying gentle peroxide solution over the stain. This solution changes the stain and odor into an evaporable gas of water and oxygen.