How To Clean Kirkland Dog Bed

Your dogs are bundles of energy who keep the house lively and warm. However, they also require adequate sleep after running and playing around.

You will find most dog beds covered in dirt, stains, and fur. You have to know how to clean a dog bed to keep that unpleasant dog odor away and maintain the health of your furry friend.

In this guide, we take you through how to wash a dog bed and keep it clean.

The soft sleeping surface cushion, filled with 100% recycle fiber, is removable and reversible, and both the cushion and upholstery-grade outer cover are machine washable. (Remove from base before washing.)

How do you clean a Kong dog bed without removable cover?

How-to Guide: Cleaning A Dog Bed Without A Removable Cover Start With The Visible Dirt. Tackle All Nasty Stains. Treat Bed With Hot Water. Rinse to Remove The Dirty Water. Maintain A Cleaning Routine Between Washes.

Wash The Bed

In how to machine wash a dog bed – first read the label for any specific instructions.

Put the bed in a washing machine and wash it in warm water. That will remove all the bacteria and bugs that could harm your pet’s health. However, too high temperatures can damage the fabric.

Moreover, it is recommended to use a mild, chemical-free laundry detergent. Make sure it is suitable for your dog’s skin. Pets often get skin allergies from harsh chemicals.

How Often to Clean Your Dog’s Bed

We always aim to keep our hounds looking and feeling their opulent best, but dogs carry an invisible cloud of germs wherever they go. They can’t help it.

A clean dog bed is just one essential part of the health and wellbeing of your dog and your home.

Dog beds need regular cleaning. Not only when they are completely covered in hair or dirt from grubby paws and you can’t stand the smell or sight of it anymore.

The germs and bacteria your dog carries in can live in their beds for up to 12 months even without your dog in it. Dogs bedding should be washed weekly. For the benefit of both you and your dog.

Washing a dog bed with stuffing every week is not realistic for everyone, so we give tips further on how you can keep your dogs bed clean in between washes.

But, your dog’s bed should be washed as often as possible.

How To Clean Kirkland Dog Bed


Is it OK to wash dog bed in washing machine?

Washing your pet bed in the washer is much easier than hand washing. If it’s time to purchase a new bed for your furbaby, choosing one that is machine washable will save you a lot of time and hassle. Veterinarians recommend washing your dog’s blankets and outer bed cover weekly to help eliminate dirt and odors.

Can you wash the inside of a dog bed?

Washing your dog bed is easy. Simply put the entire bed in the washing machine with cold water (never hot water) on the gentle rinse cycle setting (using pet-safe laundry detergent without harsh chemicals). Tumble dry low heat.

How do you clean a dirty dog bed?

Using a portable steam cleaner will help kill bacteria, clean and freshen fabrics. Protect the bed with a machine washable waterproof blanket. Wipe the bed with a water and vinegar mix or pet-friendly stain remover and deodoriserto spot clean. Air the bed in the sun as often as possible.