How To Fatten Up A Runt Puppy

How to Fatten Up the Runt of a Litter of Puppies
  1. Start feeding extra food to the runt while he’s still nursing. …
  2. Feed the runt separately from his siblings. …
  3. Buy a high-calorie nutrition gel.

Tip Number Four: Keep him Warm

How To Fatten Up A Runt Puppy

As mentioned, runt puppies are susceptible to hypo and hyperthermia. This means that they can get cold or hot very quickly. Make sure that the runt is in a separate bin on his own and has a steady temperature of between 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. While you can keep him with his siblings, if he is frail and a lot smaller, it is better to separate him until you are sure he is gaining and on the path to good health.

While you have him separated in his own incubator set up, monitor his internal temperature with a rectal thermometer. Puppy temps should be:

  • Newborn to 7 days old: 85º to 90ºF
  • 8 to 14 days old: 80º to 85ºF
  • 15 to 21 days old: 75º to 80ºF
  • 22 to 28 days old: 70º to 75ºF
  • I also find that direct skin to puppy contact is good for maintaining body heat but he will need a warm bin.

    Warm puppies do better at digesting their food and nurse better as well so there are added benefits with keeping him warm.

    Tip Number Three: Check for Physical Conditions

    How To Fatten Up A Runt Puppy

    There can be a number of reasons why the runt is small or is not gaining weight. These can be things such as a cleft palate or a cardiovascular issue. If you can’t see anything physically wrong with the puppy, I recommend that you take him to the vet to be positive as soon as possible. Some things can be treated, but some things the breeder will need to make the difficult decision on whether to let him go or not.

    Why is my runt not gaining weight?

    If the runt is not gaining weight, seems to be fading, shows signs of hypothermia, or doesn’t look well at all, take her to the vet immediately. A runt that doesn’t respond well to human nursing may need special treatment. If you wait too long, the puppy may die.


    How do you fatten up a Skinny puppy?

    Feed the pup with a bottle if it can suckle.

    If the pup can suckle, you can just feed it every two to three hours with a pet nurser bottle.

    Why is my runt puppy not growing?

    How To Help Your Dog Gain Weight
    1. Higher Protein Or Higher Fat Food.
    2. New Feeding Schedule.
    3. Sweet Potato And Pumpkin.
    4. More Exercise.
    5. Try Wet Or Fresh Foods.

    How can I fatten up my 3 week old puppy?

    The most common reason why a puppy’s growth becomes stunted is because they are infected with hookworms or roundworms. Intestinal worms are extremely common in puppies in the United States — they either contract worms from their mother or from the environment around them.