How To Feed The Dogs In Genshin

You can’t pet it. No matter what you do. How can this be allowed? Even electronic dogs need love.

Walk up, and an option that says “Feed” will appear. If you select it, you will need a piece of fowl to put on the plate. The dog will step up and chow down. This dog is also part of a world quest in Liyue, which you can get from Changchang.

Sakura Blooms are found scattered all over Inazuma. It’s always best to gather them whenever possible. You’ll thank us later for this tip. It’s not like you’re hoarding anyway. Do it with everything you see in-game, this will make things easier in the long run.

They are local specialty items and can only be found in Inazuma, along with many others that were included in the release of version 2.0 & 2.1 of the game.

This quest wasn’t included in the list of my daily’s earlier, however as I came close to the area it immediately activated the quest.

Alright, so you played the game for free and had no luck getting Electro element characters on your own. Let us remind you that your initial character, the Traveler, is a chameleon when it comes to resonating with elements.

You may have seen them, pink petals floating in clusters, and wonder what are they? What are they for and how will you get them. At least that’s what I thought when I first saw Sakura Blooms when my character entered Inazuma.

Friend to Animals

Quest Type


Starting Locations

Bishui Plain, LiyueHanamizaka, InazumaTenryou, Inazuma

  • Rewards
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  • AR-Dependent Rewards

Paimon, Traveler Friend to Animals is a Random Event that can occur while exploring the world.

How to feed foxes in Dragonspine

Teleport all the way to the icy mountains of Mondstadt’s Dragonspine and there you will be able to interact with a couple of foxes.

This activity is tied to the “Lost in the Snow World” quest, where you will be tasked to feed the foxes with berries every day for five or six days. Upon completing the quest, the bowl and the foxes will vanish and in its place will be a chest that contains a Crimson Agate.


How do you feed a puppy Inazuma?

You’ll find a hungry dog and a food bowl, which you can fill with x1 Fowl to complete this Random Event. If you get lost or wait too long after receiving the Random Event, the dog and food bowl will disappear. Simply re-initiate it in the grassy area above.

Can you do anything with dogs in Genshin?

Feed the Puppy Quest

Visit this area in the map of Inazuma. Get near the feeding plate to interact. Make sure to already have Fowl in your bag. After you place the Fowl on the plate, the quest is immediately completed.