How To Get Dog Residue In Undertale

Dog Residue is a miscellaneous item obtained in the Artifact Room north of the piano room in Waterfall after the Annoying Dog steals the legendary artifact.

Gold Farming Method #1: [Best] Cloudy Glasses Selling

At the Waterfall area, travel west from Undyne/Ghost’s house to find a vendor that sells the Cloudy Glasses for 30 gold. Fill your inventory with Cloudy Glasses and go to the Tem Shop.

Cloudy Glasses sell for 50-65 gold, which provides you with an easy 20-35 gold profit per sell. It only takes a minute to get from the Cloudy Glasses vendor to the Tem Shop. That’s 160 gold every two minutes or so, which help fund your adventure without truly cheating.

Can You Get More Dog Residue Undertale?

Yes, you can get more Dog Residue in Undertale by using one of the Dog Residues you have. This will spawn either another Dog Residue or a Dog Salad in your inventory. These can be sold for 1-4 Gold each, so it’s a good idea to keep at least one Dog Residue on hand to continue spawning more.

The Dog Residue is located in the Artifact Room north of the piano room in Waterfall.

What Is The Best Defense Item In Undertale?

The best defense item in Undertale is the Temmie Armor, which provides a significant boost to the player’s ATTACK stat and also heals them for a small amount of HP every other turn. It also increases their INV by a small amount, making it easier to avoid taking damage from enemy attacks.


How do you farm Dog Residue?

Gold Farming Method #2: Dog Residue Selling

While exploring the Waterfall, you’ll reach a T-intersection that leads to a room with a piano and a hint. Using the piano lets you play notes, input these notes: Neutral, Up, Right, Neutral, Down, Down, Right. The door will open where you will get the Dog Residue.

How do you get the dog salad in Undertale?

The Annoying Dog appears after completing the Piano Puzzle. Playing the right notes opens a secret door to the Artifact Room. Once the protagonist enters the room, the Annoying Dog appears in their inventory.

How do you duplicate Dog Residue in Undertale?

Dog Salad is a consumable item obtained at random by using the Dog Residue.