How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Newborn Puppies

Expecting cute newborn pups in your home can be exciting, but you must provide excellent care to the mother and its babies, like getting rid of fleas on puppies. Did you know that dogs are prone to get fleas? Small dogs are especially susceptible to get infested with fleas as their coat offers a suitable environment for these parasites. Getting rid of puppy fleas is quite tricky – but it’s not something impossible to do!

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to get rid of fleas on puppies effectively using the right products and proper methods. Remember that newborn dogs are delicate and sensitive. You may see them itching and repeatedly scratching due to fleas. Save your furry friend from such scenarios and learn how to get rid of fleas on puppies naturally.

Before Removing Fleas from Newborns

When you find that newborn puppies have fleas, the first thing we recommend is to remove them from the area. Temporarily place them in the bathroom or some other area with no carpeting while you tend to the fleas.

Removing Fleas from The Newborn Puppy

To remove the fleas from a newborn puppy, you will need to bathe them carefully.

Wash the Bedding

With the puppies removed, you want to collect and wash all of the bedding. Hot water is better if the fabric can handle it, but the detergent should kill the fleas. Running the laundry through the dryer or hanging it outside on a sunny day can help eliminate any remnants that make it through the wash.


How can I treat my 1 week old puppy for fleas?

The best way to treat puppies this young is with a warm bath and some dawn dish soap. You can’t really use any flea treatments on them. However you should, and can treat the mother. You should also wash any bedding and make sure that you keep the puppies free of fleas at all times.

Can you bathe newborn puppies with fleas?

Bathing the baby puppies in a few inches of warm water will allow you to remove the fleas manually. This is the only effective method for such young puppies without using harsh flea treatments. Aim for the water to be the same temperature as you’d use for bathing a baby, then gently lower them into the basin or sink.

Why do newborn puppies have fleas?

Newborn dogs that are at least four weeks of age and weighing two pounds or more can receive Capstar for flea removal. The active ingredient in this over-the-counter dog medication is called nitenpyram. You may give small puppies a daily tablet, but do not give it to a puppy showing any signs of illness.